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Property Taxes

Billing Schedule

For information on the annual property tax billing schedule dates, additional tax notices, and other related information, please refer to the billing schedule page.

Payment Options

For information on the various methods of property tax payment and available property tax payment plans, please refer to the payment options page.

Property Assessment Information

For Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) contact information and information on how to file an assessment complaint, please refer to the property assessment page.

Tax Information Brochure

The Tax Information brochure indicates where Municipal tax dollars are allocated and which services are provided.

Tax Rates

For information on the latest approved property tax rates, please refer to the tax rates page.

Tax Certificates

Tax certificates are issued to lawyers for a fee of $75. Tax certificates are processed twice per week. Verbal tax confirmation will be provided within three months of the tax certificate being issued if there is a change in the closing date of the purchase/sale. Anything further than three months requires and updated tax certificate for a fee of $75.

Tax Account Information

The Town of LaSalle does not reprint tax bills. A hard copy printout of the tax account is available for a fee of $25.

Property Tax Sales

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Maps of Property tax sales:




Town Hall hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m..  For your convenience a night deposit box is located to the right of the main doors, off the customer parking lot of Town Hall.