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Volunteer Recognition 2018 Recipients

Each year, the Town of LaSalle recognizes volunteers for their hard work and dedication. The community submits nominations to recognize members of the community. Council members review the nominations and choose a volunteer who stands out in each category. 

The Town of LaSalle is proud to announce the 2018 Volunteer Recognition award recipients:

Citizen of the Year- John Sobhi

Over the past 13 years, John has donated countless hours as a multisport coach and mentor to youth. Under John’s leadership, teams that he has coached have received numerous honours at WECSSAA and  SWOSSAA, celebrated undefeated seasons and competed at OFSAA regionals and finals. This year alone, John coached 12 elementary school and secondary school teams. John also holds open gym sessions in the summer to help keep kids busy and out of trouble. John has coached for the LaSalle Stompers, Special Olympics and Tecumseh Warriors. John’s vision for coaching is to provide equitable access for all. John brings the community together through sport.

Young Citizen- Lina Chaker

Lina has dedicated the last seven years to serve a variety of organizations across the Windsor-Essex County area including the Book Buddy Program, Windsor-Essex Therapeutic Riding Assoc., Windsor Islamic Assoc., Windsor Chapter of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group and Vanguard (Art Council Windsor & Region’s Youth Collective).  Lina has invested much of her time into youth-led, grassroots initiatives. Lina is currently pursuing her Juris Doctor degrees from the University of Windsor and University of Detroit.

Outstanding Service Club Volunteer- Dr. Nick Krayacich

Dr. Nick Krayacich has been a member of the Rotary Club of LaSalle Centennial since 2010. He has served as President, Chair of the Membership Committee and International Committee Chair. Dr. Krayacich has organized fundraisers for local initiatives, serves food at the Downtown Mission, participates in the River Canard Clean-Up and volunteers at the annual LaSalle outdoor movie night. Dr. Krayacich extends his volunteer efforts internationally as well as he recently led a group of medical practitioners to Ethiopia to train personnel for a newly constructed health centre.

Outstanding Board Volunteer- Ivan Petric

Ivan Petric donates his time helping out the LaSalle Stompers Soccer Club (LSSC). During soccer season, you can find Ivan at the soccer fields at the Vollmer Complex Monday to Thursday evenings. Ivan, and his late wife, Bonnie, were the Clubhouse Administrators, and Ivan continues in this role. Ivan also volunteers at various golf tournaments supporting local charities.   

Milestone Awards

The Town of LaSalle also acknowledges volunteers who have dedicated themselves to the same organization for a number of years. This year, we are acknowledging the following people:

15 Years
Bill Armstrong (95th Scouts)
Sheri Koscielski (95th Scouts)
Kathe Campeau (46th Girl Guides)

25 Years
Maureen Taylor (27 years - 46th Girl Guides)

30 years
Brian and Nicole Hicks (95th Scouts)


Volunteer Recognition Previous Recipients

Citizen of the Year

1999 - Pat O'Halloran

2000 - Connie Huschilt

2001 - Doris Lapico

2001 - Tania Sorge

2002 - Jean Forbes

2003 - Georgina Burns

2004 - Fr. Stan Fraser

2005 - Len & Betty Manias

2006 - Morris Whatmore

2007 - Barry Yetman

2008 - Caron Towle

2008 - Chuck Stoffle

2009 - Cindy Crundwell

2010 - Dr. Keven Hockley

2011 - Shiva Koushik

2012 - David & Theresa Nicodemo

2013 - Sheri Lynn Koscielski

2014 - Domingos Vieira

2015 - Aruna Koushik

2016 - Rama Musharbash

2017 - Dana Tonus









Young Citizen of the Year

1999 - Jessica Bondy 2001 - Marla Cronin
2002 - Ashley Routliffe 2003 - Chris Pillon
2005 - Jessica Courtney 2006 - Victoria Walters
2007 - Megan Byrne 2008 - Amanda Iarusso
2010 - Lyndsey Telega 2011 - Vishwa Patel
2012 - Charlene Stoffle 2013 - Prakash Pandya
2014 - Sarah Szpak 2015 - Tejas Pandya               
2016 - Christina Guido 2017 - Natalie Pallisco






Young-at-Heart Citizen of the Year

2004 - Albert & Lucille Moore 2007 - Ron Johnston
2009 - Alvin & Marian Crundwell 2011 - Lil Adamache
2012 - Barbara Wells 2014 - Barrie Hoare                              
2015 - Wilma Clarke 2016 - Bea Rene

Outstanding Board Volunteer

2012 - Jo-Anne Williams 2013 - Frank Simke
2014 - John Deluca 2015 - Jeff Kapasi                  
2016 - Don Durham 2017 - Joe Vaillancourt

Outstanding Service Club Volunteer

2012 - Natasha Hummell 2013 - Jan Dugdale

2014 - Pamela Beneteau

2015 - Elvira Di Gesu-Iarusso  

2016 - Linda Amato

2017 - Maria Price 

Milestone Recipients

Debbie Boose - 25 years with Strawberry Festival
Peter Drury - 25 years with Stake LaSalle
Juliette Bezaire - 30 plus years with LaSalle Community Choir
Elsie Rousseau - 30 plus years with LaSalle Community Choir
Pam Beneteau - 15 years with LaSalle Community Choir
Ron LeClair - 30 plus years with LaSalle Minor Hockey
Art Bondy - 25 years with LaSalle Minor Hockey

Crystal Harvey - 15 years with Strawberry Festival Committee
Lillian Adamache - 20 years with Strawberry Festival Committee
Connie Huschilt - 40 plus years with LaSalle Choir

Jill Barden - 15 years with St. Andrew's Anglican Church
June Nantais - 30 years with St. Andrew's Anglican Church
William Nantais - 30 years with St. Andrew's Anglican Church

Dessie Johnson - 30 years with St. Andrew's Anglican Church
Shirley Meharg - 30 years with St. Andrew's Anglican Church
George Browns - 15 years with St. Andrew's Anglican Church

Other Volunteer Recognition Awards

Male Athlete of the Year - Adam McIndoo
Female Athlete of the Year - Kylie Masse
Community Spirit - Keegan Boulineau
Community Spirit - Alex Seguin
Community Spirit - Dean Mailloux

2016 Long Service Awards
Debbie Boose - LaSalle Strawberry Festival
Lil Adamache - LaSalle Strawberry Festival

2016 LaSalle Council Award for Regional Achievement
Marty Komsa - 2016 Herb Gray Harmony Award
Vince and Olivia Rosati - 2016 Herb Gray Harmony Champion Award
Ralph Meo - 2016 Italian of the Year Award
CenterLine (Windsor) Limited - 2016 BEA Large Company of the Year Award
Cypher Systems Group - 2016 BEA Believe Windsor Essex Award

2017 LaSalle Council Award for Regional Achievement
Dr. Godfrey S. Bacheyie - 2017 Champion Award Recipient at the Annual Herb Gray Harmony Awards