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Studies and Special Projects

Active Projects

LaSalle 2050 - New Strategic Plan 

In April 2019, LaSalle Council engaged StrategyCorp to lead the process to develop a new strategic plan. This plan will determine the future direction for LaSalle into the year 2050. Strategic planning is about managing change and making decisions today that will shape our tomorrow. It will become a foundational element of our municipality lead by today's Council members and those in the future. Feedback from our community is an important part of this process.

Malden Road Environmental Assessment Update 2019

The Town of LaSalle and the County of Essex have embarked on updating the 2009 Environmental Assessment (EA) for Malden Road from the north Town limits southerly to Meaghan Drive.  This EA update will look at changes that occurred over the years since 2009 and make recommendations to accommodate existing and future traffic demands. 

Fire Master Plan

The Town of LaSalle has retained the services of Dillon Consulting Limited to assess community risk and develop a comprehensive Fire Services Master Plan. The goal of this project is to provide a long term, 10-year plan for the responsible delivery of fire protection services that will keep pace with development, technology, and continued urbanization in the Town of LaSalle.  The Fire Service Master Plan will guide decision making and direction to Council taking into consideration the local needs and circumstances of the community.  This process will involve examining the existing fire risks and emergency response model as well as the future service delivery needs of the Town, in comparison to industry best practices in order to identify any opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Howard/Bouffard Master Drainage Study

The Howard/Bouffard Master Drainage Study will provide for a long term solution to the drainage for existing and developed conditions in the Howard/Bouffard planning area.

Transportation and Active Transportation Master Plan

The Town of LaSalle is embarking on completing a Transportation and Active Transportation Master Plan.  WSP Canada Group Limited was retained in April 2018 to develop the Transportation Master Plan and the LaSalle Age-Friendly Active Transportation Plan. The Plan will be used as a guiding document for enhancing and facilitating a comprehensive multi-modal transportation network in the Town of LaSalle.

Completed Projects

Bouffard & Howard Planning Districts Integrated Class EA Addendum and Planning Act Approvals

Economic Development Strategic Plan

Oliver Farms & Heritage Estates Hydrologic/Hydraulic Analysis and Oliver Farms Preliminary Design

Service Delivery Review

Transit Study

Vollmer Culture & Recreation Strategic Master Plan