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Studies and Special Projects

Bouffard & Howard Planning Districts Integrated Class EA Addendum and Planning Act Approvals

A number of landowners/developers that own "greenfield" land in the Bouffard and Howard Planning Districts have retained Dillon Consulting, to complete the required work to prepare an addendum to the existing Bouffard and Howard Municipal Class Environmental Assessment.

Oliver Farms & Heritage Estates Hydrologic/Hydraulic Analysis and Oliver Farms Preliminary Design

The Town has experienced storm water flooding in the Heritage Estates and Oliver Farms area over the past few years.

The scope of this project includes preliminary design of the Oliver Farms area infrastructure and a complete and comprehensive hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of the Oliver Farms and Heritage Estates areas, with the objective of improving the storm system level of service and providing flood relief.

Service Delivery Review

In 2015, the Town of LaSalle hired the consultant firm KPMG to conduct a Service Delivery Review. The overall goal of the Service Delivery Review is to determine whether the Town of LaSalle is providing exceptional value in service delivery in a cost effective manner.

Transit Study

The Town of LaSalle is undertaking a study to assess the feasibility of a new transit service in the Town. This first stage of the study will identify:

  • the potential demand and key users for the service
  • the type of transit service to be provided
  • the connections the service will make
  • the high-level costs for providing the service