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Council Meetings

Regular Meetings

Regular Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month and begin at 7:00 pm. All regular Council meetings are open to the public and held at:

LaSalle Civic Centre - Council Chambers
5950 Malden Avenue
LaSalle, ON N9H 1S4

Closed Meetings

Closed Council meetings are not open to the public provided such meetings are held in accordance with Section 239 of the Municipal Act 2001

Agendas and Minutes

Council agendas and minutes are made available via the internet as a convenience to the public. If you wish an official document please contact the Town Clerk's Office during business hours at 519-969-7770 ext. 1234.

2008 to 2017 Council Agendas and Minutes 

2018 Agendas and Minutes

Budget Meeting

2018 Budget (operating and capital) deliberations will be held December 13, 2017 at 9:30 am in the Council Chambers, LaSalle Civic Center. Thursday and Friday, December 14 and 15, 2017 if required.

Delegation Information

What is a Delegation?

Members of the public who wish to make presentations to Council on their own behalf or on behalf of companies/organizations are called delegations.

Where do I begin?

Before you decide to appear before Council, you may want to discuss concerns with a Council member or Town of LaSalle staff member. Some issues may be resolved at the staff level, or at the very least, staff can advise you the next step toward resolving your concerns.

Registering as a Delegation

Persons who wish to be heard or make a presentation to Council are requested to contact the Clerk's office at (519) 969-7770 ext. 1234.

Information stating the topic to be discussed, a petition or any request to be made of Council is required in writing.  Once received, the information will be circulated to Administration for response. This information will then be placed on an agenda and considered by Council.

A delegation will not be registered to address members of LaSalle Council at a Council meeting unless this specific item is listed on the Agenda.

Individuals who submit letters and other information to Council and its Committees, should be aware that any personal information contained within their communications may become part of the public record, and may be made available through the agenda process, which includes publication on the municipality's website.

A copy of our brochure outlining guidelines for delegations at regular Council Meetings is also available on- line or at LaSalle Town Hall