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LaSalle Civic Centre

Front of the Civic Centre in the summer

Welcome to the LaSalle Civic Centre, located at 5950 Malden Rd.  In this section we will provide you information on the governance structure and the many services the Town has to offer. Here you will learn about Council, Boards and Committees, Administration, and what each department does for our community.

It also provides key information about making contact with the Town, minutes and agendas, news and announcements, and Town reports and publications.

LaSalle is a Healthy Vibrant and Caring Community.  Together, the Mayor, Councillors and staff are committed to deliver our residents and businesses quality services. We welcome everyone to contact us with your questions or concerns.

LaSalle Civic Centre Building

The LaSalle Civic Centre was officially opened on August 18, 2014. Inside the LaSalle Civic Centre building, you will find Town administrative offices. These include: Mayor, Council and Administration, Council Services/Clerks Department, Finance/Tax Department, Development & Strategic Initiatives/Building Services, Public Works Department and Culture and Recreation Department.

Located on the first floor, you will also find Council Chambers, the LaSalle Friendship Seniors Centre, and the LaSalle branch of the Essex County Library. There are several seating areas throughout the first and second floors, making this a perfect location to meet friends, read, or study. The building is equipped with free guest WIFI service.

There is a two-storey tall living wall located in the atrium of the building. From top to bottom and front to back, the entire wall is covered with living plants. Stand close by, and you can hear the calming sound of water trickling along the wall giving the plants a drink. Living walls provide improved air quality and increased energy efficiency in the buildings where they are located. This living wall has become a popular spot for Civil Marriage Ceremonies. The Town of LaSalle's Clerks Department can perform Civil Marriage Ceremonies, and also issues Ontario Marriage Licences

Atrium at LaSalle Civic Centre


Outdoor Space

Outside the LaSalle Civic Centre you will find LaSalle Cenotaph Park, promenades connecting the building to the park, a water feature, and a sunken stage. The sunken stage hosts outdoor concerts and other small, town-hosted events.

The free municipal parking lot is located directly outside the LaSalle Civic Centre building. The parking lot provides ample parking and includes accessible parking spaces. In addition, there are four electric vehicle charging stations.

LaSalle Cenotaph

LaSalle Cenotaph Park was constructed in 2014. The original granite Cenotaph now sits atop a new platform with a larger memorial design. The unique design remembers Canada's military personnel, and is a great teaching tool looking at some of Canada's military history.

The steel plate at the top is in reference to the harshness of war. The most unique feature of the Cenotaph is the slotted top in the steel plate. The slotted top allows for a beam of light that traces the sun's movement across the face of the map that is located behind the monument. The positioning of the memorial is calibrated to the sun. A beam of light will be on central Europe at 11:00 a.m. every November 11, commemorating Remembrance Day in perpetuity.

The map of the world behind the monument feels smooth for water and textured for land. Pins on the map mark the locations where Canada's Armed Forces have been at war or conflict and engaged in peacekeeping missions. Located beside the map is a legend that explains Canada's military presence over the years.

Due to COVID-19 and the provincial gathering restrictions, the Town of LaSalle will not host a public Remembrance Day Ceremony in 2020.  The Town recognizes the importance of honouring our Veterans and their sacrifices and is planning a small ceremony with invited guests only.   There will be a live presentation of the ceremony on the Town of LaSalle Youtube page at 11:00 am on November 11.  The recorded ceremony will remain available on Youtube for viewing at any time.

LaSalle Cenotaph with wreaths Cenotaph Wall on November 11 at 11 am showing the light shinning through the hole