images of LaSalle

Location, location, location... The Town of LaSalle is strategically located on a peninsula in Southern Ontario. It is within an easy day-drive to well in excess of 100 million persons living and working in the heartland of North America. LaSalle residents are fortunate to be living in a geographic area that has excellent transportation, an abundance of fresh water, a long growing season, fertile soils and a mild climate.

Convenient and safe access to and from major employment centres in Southeastern Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Southern Ontario is available for all LaSalle residents and businesses. This access is provided from Highway 401 (the new Rt. Hon. Herb Gray), Highway 3 and other major road.  These lead to existing and planned new international crossings of the Detroit River which connect the Town of LaSalle with communities on both sides of the Canada-US border.

Map of location of LaSalle, Ontario

The new Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway has created new intersections/interchanges with Highway 401 and Highway 3 at Todd Lane, Sandwich West Parkway and Laurier Parkway. These new intersections/interchanges have created new economic development opportunities in LaSalle. Major commercial development/redevelopment can take place. Part of fully serviced, highly visible, and well positioned "Commercial Nodes" are capable of serving the LaSalle market and the broader regional trade area.

LaSalle's highly sought after residential neighbourhoods will continue to grow and expand. Continued strong housing demand/building activity and an available land supply will result in a doubling of the Town's existing population over the next 2 to 3 decades.

The Town provides high quality services and amenities to both residents and businesses at taxation rates that are affordable and very competitive. LaSalle's combined tax and water/sewage rates are lower than similar rates in larger nearby communities in the Windsor-Essex Region.

Trunk infrastructure (including required treatment plant capacity) has been built and land areas have been set aside and approved in many areas of the Town. This is to accommodate a significant amount of growth; both in existing neighbourhoods and as part of new provincially approved greenfield areas.

Currently, there is in excess of 1,900 acres of residentially designated land located within the Town's Urban Area.  The sanitary sewage and water supply capacity has already been purchased and built to accommodate an additional 30,000 persons.

There are also pre-designated vacant commercial, light industrial and business park sites located in the Town. The vast majority of these sites are located along and/or near the Laurier Parkway extension and the Highway 3/Highway 401/Howard Avenue transportation corridors.