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Welcome to Explore LaSalle. A site to support businesses in LaSalle and make it easier for residents and visitors to find local goods and services in our Town. If you are a business located in LaSalle, gain free exposure by adding your business to our directory below. Already on our list? Review and update your information. 

Establishing a Business Network in LaSalle

After receiving feedback from the business community with interest in establishing a business network in LaSalle, a workshop was held to explore potential concepts. The session took place at the Event Centre, 970 Front Road, on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. 
The workshop was led by Aileen Murray, President of Mellor Murray Consulting. Aileen is a respected economic development strategist and coach with expertise in building strong communities. Aileen has 15 years of hands‐on municipal economic development and tourism experience. 
The goal of the workshop was to: 

  • Determine the services and programs LaSalle businesses need to be successful. 

  • Consider the various forms of community associations including BIAs, Chambers of Commerce (Boards of Trade) and Business Associations. 

  • Discuss the potential for establishing a business network or association in LaSalle. 

  • Identify the business network model that would address the needs of LaSalle businesses. 

Participants were asked to consider what they hoped to achieve at the workshop and their vision to support LaSalle businesses. What would be different in five years if we established a business network? Additional background information (PDF) was provided for review, comparing a business improvement association, a chamber of commerce, and a business association. 

A report about the process will be presented at the April 23, 2024 Regular Meeting of LaSalle Council. This includes the Final Report completed by Mellor Murray Consulting Inc.

The Town is willing to help move the process forward and explore opportunities to introduce a Chamber of Commerce. For this to work, we need commitment from members of our business community to take a lead role in the establishment, growth, and maintenance of the organization. Could that be you? 

For further information contact Dawn Hadre, Director of Strategy and Engagement by email or phone at 519‐969‐7770, ext. 1253. 

Small Business Home Occupations

For those with small businesses that qualify as Home Occupations and would like to be added to the online business directory, please note that any Home Occupation must comply with the provisions for Home Occupations as established with the Town of LaSalle’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law 8600. These requirements can be found within Section 3 of the Zoning By-law and are illustrated below.

Within any Residential Dwelling Unit, a Home Occupation:

i) Is clearly an accessory use, secondary to the primary residential use and shall be contained entirely within the dwelling unit;

ii) Is small in scale, occupying a maximum of 25 percent of the Gross Floor Area of the dwelling unit, up to a maximum of 50 square metres of Gross Floor Area, whichever is less;

iii) Shall accommodate the activities of members of the household residing on the premises, and shall offer for sale only services and merchandise offered or produced on the premises;

iv) Shall not be within an attached garage, or any accessory building;

v) Does not alter the exterior character of the primary residential building as a residence, except for one lawful sign and does not have any outdoor/open storage of materials, equipment or goods associated with the home occupation; and,

vi) Shall not create a public nuisance with respect to noise, traffic or parking.