volunteers cleaning strawberries

Tradition continues in LaSalle! In preparation for the LaSalle Strawberry Festival, volunteers are needed to help clean strawberries on: 

 Wednesday, June 7, 2023 
6:00 pm 
New Location! Event Centre 
970 Front Road 

Advance registration is not required. Please meet at the Event Centre at 6:00 pm. An hour or two of time would be greatly appreciated! High school volunteer forms can be signed for these community service hours.  

Parking is available at the Event Centre by entering the parking lot from Bouffard Road. Additional parking spaces are available at the Riverdance building which is a short walk to the Event Centre. Guests can be dropped off at the Event Centre before parking. For more information email events@lasalle.ca or call 519-969-7771. 

The Town of LaSalle orders about 300 flats of strawberries each June for the LaSalle Strawberry Festival. The strawberries are grown locally at Raymont's Berries in Cottam.  

The LaSalle Strawberry Festival takes place from Thursday, June 8 to Sunday, June 11 at the Vollmer Recreation Complex, 2121 Laurier Parkway. Strawberries and ice cream can be purchased during the festival at the strawberries and ice cream tent run by volunteers of Life After Fifty.