council chambers

At the February 28, 2023, Council meeting, LaSalle Council approved an overall tax rate increase of 3.88%. This is the combined rate including the Education Tax Rate and County Tax Rate. As the MPAC assessed values of properties will remain unchanged from 2022 assessed values, property tax bills will increase by 3.88% in 2023, which is well under the rate of inflation.

“We are pleased that administration has found the savings that we asked for,” said Mayor Crystal Meloche. “We understand that this is going to be a tough year for many people, and we are continuing to make responsible decisions.”

The reductions identified are based on reducing the proposed Municipal Tax Rate. Administration presented the draft budget to Council on February 8, 2023 with a combined tax rate of 4.33%, and Council asked administration to find savings. With the request for the decrease, Council Members agreed that the reductions should not affect the current level of service that residents have come to appreciate. To achieve this reduction, the original proposed budget was reduced by $306,000.

“The 2023 budget reflects a balance between continuing with the strategic investments that are required to carry out the vision and long-term goals of our rapidly growing municipality and applying the appropriate fiscal restraint in response to the rapid rate at which inflation continues to rise,” said Dale Langlois, Director of Finance Department/Treasurer.

These reductions approved by Council include proposed inflationary, growth and service level increases that were included in the 2023 proposed operating budget. Reducing these increases will not affect current levels of service; however, they may delay the time it takes to fully fund these initiatives into future years.

Visit the Town’s website for more information about the 2023 Municipal Budget