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The Town of LaSalle will host the April 11, 2023, Regular Meeting of Council at 6:00 pm. Meetings are held in-person in Council Chambers; members of Council and administration may participate virtually. Meetings are streamed live on the Town of LaSalle YouTube Channel.

Members of the public can participate in Council meetings in-person or virtually. Details on how to participate can be found on the Town of LaSalle Speak at a Council Meeting web page.

Written comments from the public regarding an agenda item are encouraged and must be received in writing by the Clerk for the Town of LaSalle no later than noon on the Thursday prior to the meeting (by noon on April 6 for the April 11 meeting).

April 11, 2023, Regular Meeting of LaSalle Council Agenda Items:

  • Strawberry Festival Top 100 Award
  • SE-06-2023 Waterfront Naming Options
  • Purchase of SAN & Server Infrastructure – Implementation and Support
  • 2023 Watermain replacement tender results – Canada Street
  • Pump Station 1 Upgrades Contract Award
  • Reaume and Bouffard Watermain Replacement Contract Award

Information to be received:

  • 2022 Schedule of Council and Board Member Remuneration
  • Correspondence, Town of Petrolia, Resolution from the Town of Petrolia dated March 14, 2023 regarding AMO’s WatchFile.
  • Correspondence, City of Cambridge, Resolution from the City of Cambridge dated March 15, 2023 regarding Barriers for Women in Politics.
  • Correspondence, Association of Ontario Roads Supervisors (AORS), Resolution from Association of Ontario Road Supervisors (AORS) dated March 27, 2023, regarding the announcement of a proposed fee by Enbridge Gas.
  • Correspondence, Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility,Letter from the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility dated March 28, 2023 regarding 2023 Ontario Senior of the Year Award Call for Nominations. 
  • Summary of Reports to Council 

LaSalle Council meeting agendas and minutes are available on our website.