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Open For Business

LaSalle is one of the fastest growing Towns in Southwestern Ontario.

Council has a long history of making strategic investments in municipal infrastructure, community services, and in forward thinking and balanced financial, land use, and natural heritage planning.

These investments and long-term strategies have helped to create and maintain high quality, safe, attractive and desirable residential neighbourhoods and town centre districts.

With an approved urban area boundary and pre-designated land that can accommodate a broad range of residential, commercial, institutional, recreational and light industrial uses, the Town of LaSalle can double in size over the next 20 to 30 years, to a community that would have in excess of 60,000 persons at full build out.

The Town's existing sanitary sewerage system has been built with the capacity to service an additional 30,000 persons, as part of "infill", "redevelopment" and in new "greenfield" developments town-wide.

Council encourages economic growth and development, and embraces/supports plans that will contribute to an enhanced quality of life for existing and future LaSalle residents. The Town's strategic location, abundant natural areas, interconnected trail network, and high quality services are just some of the many reasons why individuals and businesses choose to live, work and play in LaSalle.

To assist investors, developers, homebuilders, entrepreneurs make informed decisions when choosing where to build in the Town, the following on-line resources have been made available: