Town of LaSalle Transit Feasibility Study

The Town of LaSalle is undertaking a study to assess the feasibility of a new transit service in the Town. This first stage of the study will identify:

  • the potential demand and key users for the service
  • the type of transit service to be provided
  • the connections the service will make
  • the high-level costs for providing the service

Study Schedule

The general activities of this first phase of the study is outlined in the schedule below.

Transit Study Schedule

Public Engagement

In an effort to reach out to as many members of our community as possible, our public engagement plan includes conducting a telephone survey to LaSalle households, a public information drop-in session and meetings with town stakeholders.

The telephone survey took place in early November and over 400 households participated. The feedback and responses from the survey will be incorporated into the feasibility assessment.

A public information drop-in session was held on November 18, 2015 at the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex. The public information presentation boards (PDF) are available for your review. We will also be reaching out to community stakeholders to learn more about their views on the transportation needs of the Town.

While the public information drop-in session is complete, your comments are welcome throughout the study process. Please contact the project management team at the bottom of this page to share your ideas and experiences or download and submit the questionnaire (PDF).

Specifically, we want to know your thoughts on the following questions:

  • What places within LaSalle should the service connect?

    For example: Vollmer Centre, Malden Road corridor, 5950 Malden Road

  • Where in the Transit Windsor network should a new LaSalle bus connect to?

    For example: Devonshire Mall, St. Clair College, University of Windsor

  • What time periods should the service run?
    For example: Weekday rush hour, weekday midday, weekday evening, Saturday, Sunday

Comments received on or before December 9, 2015 will be incorporated into our feasibility assessment.

Study documents

Below is list of documents related to the transit feasibility and implementation study. This page will be updated with new information as the study progresses:

Phase I Results

Phase I of the LaSalle Transit Feasibility Study is complete. Representatives from Steer Davies Gleave presented the results at the March 8, 2016 Council Meeting.

LaSalle Transit Feasibility Study Phase I Report

LaSalle Transit Feasibility Study Phase I Report - Presentation Made to Council

Phase II

Our previous public engagement activities have identified that there is strong support to invest in a transit service in the community. Based on the technical analysis and public consultation in the initial phase of the study,the Town is considering several routing options for a local bus service, as well as other strategies including fare policies and financial directions.

On May 19, a Public Information Centre was held at the LaSalle Civic Centre. Representatives from Steer Davies Gleave and Town of LaSalle Administration answered questions. Please take a look at the information presented at the Public Information Centre: