The Town of LaSalle is taking the following precautions and adjusting its services to limit the number of people at an event and to encourage physical distancing.

LaSalle Civic Centre

LaSalle Town Hall is open for town business only, and to access the LaSalle Branch of the Essex County Library. Access into the building is limited in accordance with the Province of Ontario’s Roadmap to Reopen. The Town will continue to follow the guidelines of the province and the local Medical Officer of Health. The safety of our employees and patrons is important.

Proof of Vaccine

Effective September 22, 2021, proof of full vaccination will be in place at the LaSalle Civic Centre and at the Vollmer Complex. Security will greet all patrons as they enter the building. If you are required to show proof of vaccine, please have your vaccination receipt and identification ready. The process of reviewing documents at the entrances may cause some wait time to get into the buildings. For more information, visit our news page.

  • Any person meeting with Town staff at the LaSalle Civic Centre must show proof of vaccination and provide identification when entering the building. Please make an appointment in advance when meeting with Town staff.
  • Any person dropping off or picking up documents, making a payment or visiting the library are exempt and will not need to show proof of vaccination.  

Please make an appointment in advance when meeting with Town personnel. Patrons will be actively screened and must wear a mask before entering the building. Please keep a 2m distance from staff and others, and stand behind the shields when speaking with employees at the customer service counters. Anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to leave and contact the Town by phone, email or through the customer service portal.

  • Marriage Licences, Commissioning of documents, and Lottery Licences are by appointment only.
  • The LaSalle Friendship Centre and the atrium remain closed.

There are several options to contact municipal staff. Please visit our customer service page for options.

LaSalle Council Meetings

As part of the ongoing response to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Town of LaSalle will host their Regular Meeting of Council online. Members of LaSalle Council will meet electronically, and the meeting will be streamed live on the Town of LaSalle's YouTube Channel.

In accordance with LaSalle's Procedural By-law, a Regular Meeting of Council held electronically allows public participation via video conference technology. Those wishing to participate must contact the Clerk’s office to register. Written comments from the public regarding an agenda item are encouraged. Comments from the public regarding an agenda item must be received in writing by the Clerk for the Town of LaSalle no later than noon on the Friday prior to the meeting.

Property Taxes and Water Bills

Convenient pre-authorized payment plans are available: automatic withdrawals on the due dates, a 10-month plan and a 12-month plan. Pre-authorized payment forms are available on the Payment Options page on the Town's website or at the Tax Counter at the LaSalle Civic Centre.

LaSalle Property Tax Billing

Register through the Town of LaSalle Online Services to view your property tax bills and transactions. Once registered, your property tax bills will be emailed to you, starting with the Interim Bill that was issued in February 2021. A PIN# to create your account can be found on the property tax bill that was mailed in June, or call the Town of LaSalle Finance Department at 519-969-7770, ext. 1230.

For information on property taxes and related information, please refer to the Property Taxes page.

Residential Quarterly Water Billing

Register through the Town of LaSalle Online Services to login and view your quarterly water bills. Set up your account to receive your bills by email. A PIN# to create your account can be found on a previous water bill, or call the Town of LaSalle Finance Department at 519-969-7770, ext. 1230.

For information on water billing and related information, please refer to the Water Billing page.

LaSalle Branch - Essex County Library

The LaSalle Branch of the Essex County Library is now open for in-person visits. For hours and information about their protocols, visit their website.

Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex, Riverdance Community Centre, Programs/Rentals 

Visit our COVID-19 Vollmer Complex webpage for information on programming, rentals, and memberships during the pandemic.

LaSalle Garbage Collection

For the safety of their staff, Windsor Disposal Services Ltd. (GFL) has requested:

Garbage trucks parked in a row

  • Residents refrain from assisting with garbage or recycle collection and or collection of containers.
  • Please ensure to use the physical distancing guidelines. All garbage should be bagged and tied for collection including all items inside a garbage bin. Loose garbage in pails or untied bags will be refused due to health and safety concerns. 

The side of a bus

LaSalle Transit

LaSalle Transit has resumed regular operation. Visit our LaSalle Transit page for information. 

More Information

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