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Wild Animals in Ontario

Throughout Ontario, people and wild animals live side by side.

There are benefits to living near wild animals. Many people enjoy birds that visit their gardens. Bats consume millions of mosquitoes, and coyotes eat mice and rats. However, conflicts can arise when humans encroach on wildlife habitat and wild animals behave in ways that damage our property, cost us money, or endanger our health or safety.

For more information about managing and protecting plants, animals, land, water, forests and other ecosystems, visit the Province of Ontario's Wildlife and Nature webpage.

Coyotes in Urban Areas

Coyotes are part of a healthy ecosystem in Ontario. Learn how you can avoid attracting coyotes to your property, and how to protect pets and livestock. Visit the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry's webpage about Preventing and Managing Conflicts with Coyotes, Wolves and Foxes.

The following documents have been prepared by the Government of Ontario, and will give you some more information about coyotes.

The Nature of Coyotes (PDF)

Coyote-proofing your Property (PDF)

Encounters with Coyotes (PDF)

Predation and Compensation (PDF)

Protecting Dogs from Coyotes (PDF)

Wildlife and Protecting Your Property (PDF)