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Pedestrian Crossover

Pedestrian Crossover

A pedestrian crossover is a type of crossing that is identified by clear signs and road markings. Drivers and cyclists are required to stop for pedestrians intending to cross the road. Drivers and cyclists must allow pedestrians to cross the full width of the road before proceeding.

It is the responsibility of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to understand and follow the rules of the road.

Pedestrian crossovers are often found at a stretch of roadway where there is no intersection. They allow people to cross the road safely without jaywalking. Unlike intersections with traffic lights or stop signs where it is safe to proceed once the pedestrian is clear of your vehicle, at pedestrian crossovers, it is the law to wait until pedestrians have completely crossed to the other side before proceeding. Drivers may be fined for failing to stop at a pedestrian crossover.

Examples of a pedestrian crossover: Normandy at the Cenotaph Park, Reaume at Malden and Matchett at Golfview. There are about three dozen of these crossings in LaSalle.

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Pedestrian Crossing Signal with Flashing Lights

LaSalle Council Members and Police crossing a pedestrian crosswalk

Pedestrian crossing signals with flashing pedestrian lights are installed in four locations in LaSalle.  Pedestrians should press the button to signal that they intend to cross Malden Road. Pedestrians should proceed with caution and make sure that traffic has stopped before walking onto the road, and make sure that traffic has stopped in both directions. If the lights on the poles are flashing, drivers are required to stop and allow the pedestrian to cross the full width of the road before proceeding. These enhanced pedestrian crossing are located at:

  • Malden Road at Reaume Road
  • Three locations on Normandy Street between Malden Road and Huron Church Line

Pedestrian Crossover Guidelines  

     Drivers Guidelines       Pedestrian Guidelines      Cyclist Guidelines

  • Look for the signs and slow down. Be prepared to stop for pedestrians waiting to cross the road.

  • Drivers need to stop at the "sharks tooth markings" which comprises the yield line. You do not need to stop if you can see there is no one waiting to cross.

  • Make eye contact to ensure pedestrian sees you.

  • Wait until the pedestrian completely crosses road before proceeding.

  • Hold your hand out in front of you indicating you are waiting to cross.

  • Look both ways and wait for traffic to stop.

  • Make eye contact to ensure the driver sees you before you step onto the road.

  • When crossing, follow rules for pedestrians; dismount and walk your bike.

  • When riding with traffic, follow rules for drivers.

Pedestrian Crosswalk

Pedestrian Crosswalk

A crosswalk is a crossing location usually found at intersections with traffic signals, pedestrian signals or stop signs. A crosswalk can be:

  • the portion of a roadway that connects sidewalks on opposite sides of the roadway into a continuous path; or,
  • the portion of a roadway that is indicated for pedestrian crossing by signs, lines or other markings on the surface of the roadway at any location, including an intersection.


School Crossing

School Crossing

A school crossing is any pedestrian crossing where a school crossing guard is present and displaying a school crossing stop sign. Drivers and cyclists must yield the whole roadway at school crossings and other locations where there is a crossing guard. Only when pedestrians and school crossing guards have crossed and are safely on the sidewalk can drivers and cyclists proceed.