Culvert Replacement Process

  1. Review an understand the Town of LaSalle Dilapidated Culvert Policy.
  2. Submit the below application for a Dilapidated Culvert Replacement. 
  3. The Town will review your application and determine if your culvert is located on a roadside ditch or a Municipal Drain. Note that the Dilapidated does not typically apply to culverts located on Municipal Drains.
  4. A member of the Public Works Department will review the condition of your existing culvert.
  5. If your Culvert is in need of replacement, the Public Works Department will determine the diameter and length of the culvert required and inform the homeowner of an estimated schedule for the replacement. 
  6. The homeowner is then required to purchase the culvert pipe and have it delivered to the property.
  7. The Public works department will replace the culvert as per the Dilapidated Culvert Policy. As a reminder, the Dilapidated Culvert Policy does not include driveway or landscape restoration or headwall construction. The town will only supply and install gabion stone end treatments. 


Apply for a Culvert Replacement