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Renew Dog Licence Online

If you have already created an account in our online Pet Licensing Portal, log in and renew your dog licence here.

Add a New Dog

Do you have a new dog? Add a new dog and pay for that new license online here.

Update Account Information

Do you need to make changes to the status of a registered dog on your account, your contact information, or have you moved out of the Town of LaSalle? Let us know here.

Please allow up to 72 business hours for the Council Services Department to update your information.

Online Payments Portal

How can I set up an online payment account?

An online payment account for dog licensing can be set up through the Pet Licence Portal. This payment portal is for Renewals only.

If you do not have an account, please click on the Register button to sign-up.

  • Under Not Set up for Access on our Site select the Show Me How button
  • Select PL - Pet Licence from the drop down menu
  • Enter your Pet Licence Account Number and Access Code/PIN. This can be found on your Pet Licence Renewal Notice


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If you are setting up a new account, it is recommended that you record the username and email address that you used to set up the online payment account. This information is required to reset a password.

How do I log in to my existing Pet Licence Portal account?

Users are required to create a Username for their account. The Account # listed on your Pet Licence Renewal notice may be different from your Account # if you have chosen a different username when the account was created.

It is recommended that your write down the username and email associated with the account. The username is required to reset your password should that be required in the future.

What if I forgot my password for my online payment account?

Users can reset their passwords through the online Pet Licence Portal by clicking Login on the very top right corner of the page.

Reset password graphic

This will open a box which will allow the user to reset their password.

It it recommended that each user write down the username and email associated with the online payment account at the time of creation. You will not be able to reset your password without this information.

Dog Licence Account Information

How do I add a new dog?
Online Form

The form below may be used to add a new dog and make payment for that licence.

Online payments are subject to a 1.75% service fee. 

 Add a New Dog

 Contact Us
 Contact Reception at 519-969-7770 ext. 1221 to add a dog by phone.
 Visit Us

Visit the Reception desk at the Town Hall Civic Centre.

5950 Malden Road

LaSalle, ONN9H 1S4

1st Floor


What if I no longer own a dog or one of the dogs?

Account information can be updated by calling Reception at 519-969-7770 ext. 1221, or by completing the form below.

Update Account Information

How do I let the Town know that my dog has been fixed?

Account information can be updated by calling Reception at 519-969-7770 ext. 1221, or by completing the form below.

Update Account Information

About Dog Licensing

How can I pay for my dog licence(s)?

Email icon in person icon internet icon

Payment options include

  • Online payment through the Pet Licence Portal. There is a processing fee of 1.75% for all payments made online.
  • Renew your Dog Licence at the Finance Counter at the Town Hall Civic Centre, 1st Floor
  • Leave your payment in our drop-box located outside of the Town Hall Civic Centre Building
  • Mail us your renewal notice along with your payment. If you do not have your renewal notice, be sure to include your full name, the address under which the dog is registered, your phone number and the dog name(s) with your payment
Why do I need a dog licence?

All dogs are required to be licenced under the Town of LaSalle's Animal Control By-Law. Failure to licence a dog could result in a penalty fee of $155.00. Benefits of licensing include,

  • If your dog is lost or stolen, a licence assists in a fast and safe return
  • If your dog is running at large, is caught, and brought to a shelter, your dog can be safely returned to you rather than euthanized or re-adopted
  • During an emergency, we provide a list of licenced dogs to rescue and relief agencies
  • If a licenced dog bites or attacks a person, we have the opportunity to identify the address and involve police, if needed.
Dog Licence Rates
Dog Licence Rates
CategoryAmount (if purchased by March 31)With Late Fee (if purchased after March 31)
Altered Dog $18 $36
Unaltered Dog $22 $44
Replacement Dog Tag $11 $11


What will happen if my payment is not received by March 31st?

If your payment is not received by March 31st, the dog tag rate will be subject to a late fee.

New dog registrations received after March 31st will not be charged the late fee. This includes new dogs and new accounts for residents moving to the Town of LaSalle.

Animal Control
If you would like to report a stray dog, please contact the Town of LaSalle Animal Control Officers, Essex County Animal Control at 519-816-7627.
Lakeshore Dog Pound

If a lost or stray dog is found by the Town of LaSalle Animal Control Officer, the animal will be brought to Lakeshore Dog Pound for safety and shelter.

Please contact the Lakeshore Dog Pound directly if your dog is lost.

Lakeshore Dog Pound

Address 914 East Puce Road, Emeryville ON, N0R 1C0

Phone 519-727-6495

Dog Park

The Town of LaSalle Dog Park is located at 2170 Judy Recker Crescent, south of the Town of LaSalle Public Works Department and within the Vollmer Complex property.

This fenced in park will be open during daylight hours only. The park may be closed periodically throughout the year for maintenance.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about dog licensing, please contact Reception at 519-969-7770 ext. 1221.