Sale of Fireworks

Sales of fireworks in LaSalle from a temporary sales location (ie. roadside stand) requires a permit issued by the LaSalle Fire Service.

Permit applications must be submitted 30 days in advance of intended sales period.

Application for Fireworks Sales Permit

By-law 8013 (pdf) provides more information on the sale of fireworks from a temporary location in the Town of LaSalle.

Fireworks Discharge (Use) Permit

The use of family fireworks purchased in Canada is permitted on Victoria Day, Canada Day, Fourth of July, Civic Holiday, Labour Day and the recognized holiday weekend for each holiday; as well as, New Year's Eve.

Use of family fireworks is permitted from dusk till 11 p.m., on your property or with permission from the owner of the property being used.

Anyone using fireworks must be over 18 years of age, handle and discharge them in a safe manner, according to manufacturers instructions, and have a fire extinguisher or other effective means of extinguishment readily available.

Firecrackers and Sky lanterns (Chinese Lanterns) are NOT permitted to be used in LaSalle.

By-law 8013 (pdf) provides more information on the use of fireworks in the Town of LaSalle.