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Engine 207

A 2014 Thibault custom engine with a Spartan Chassis.  This is our lead truck and responds first to all calls except motor vehicle accidents.  This truck carries 800 imperial gallons of water and pumps at 1500 imperial gallons per minute.  It carries a variety of hoses, nozzles, and other equipment used to fight structural fires.  It is also equipped with vehicle rescue and other tools to respond to motor vehicle accidents should it be required. 

Picture of Fire Truck Engine 207

Tower 202

A 2003 KME Aerial Cat. equipped with a 95' rear mount platform. This unit is used to gain access above the fire.  This unit also pumps 2000 gallons per minute and carries 300 gallons of water.  It responds as the second unit to any call where fire is involved in or near a structure.

Picture of Fire Truck Tower 202

Rescue/Tanker 203

A 2001 Custom KME.  As an engine, it pumps 1050 gallons per minute.  Also classified as a tanker due to the fact that it carries 2100 gallons of water on board. This truck is also equipped with the heavy rescue tools that would be used during an extrication along with a variety of other assorted rescue tools.  ERT 203 responds as the first unit to all motor vehicle accidents (MVA's) and as a second unit to fires in areas where the water supply may be low.

Picture of Fire Truck Rescue Tanker 203

Engine 206

A 1995 Custom Ferrara Intruder.  This engine became a reserve truck once Engine 207 was purchased in 2014.  It remains an active response vehicle.  This truck carries 800 gallons of water and pumps at 1050 gallons per minute. 

Picture of Fire Truck Engine 206

Fire Command Vehicle 204

A 2016 Chevrolet 2500 4x4.  Used in the day to day operations of the fire service.  Also used to transport firefighters to and from different events or fires.

Bush/Support Unit 205

A 2015 Chevrolet 2500 4X4.  During all seasons, except the winter, it is equipped with 200 gallons of water/foam mixture and a high pressure low volume pump.  This unit is used to fight grass/bush fires off road.  It also carries a variety of support equipment, such as hazmat and fire investigation equipment.  

Bush support unit 205 and Fire command vehicle 204


A 2014, 25' Stanley search and rescue boat equipped with twin 150 Yamaha outboard engines and a 25 HP 450 Gallon per minute fire pump.  This vessel is certified by the Canadian Coast Guard as Coast Guard Auxiliary vessel and is fitted with the latest electronic equipment.  Phoenix is used for any boat or structure fire along the waters in LaSalle and for search and rescue operations in the area.

LaSalle Fire Service Police Boat, the Phoenix

LaSalle Fire Rescue II

A 1986, 16' Sea Nymph.  Fitted with a 30 HP Mariner Outboard.  This vessel is used for search and rescue missions along the shoreline or in shallow waters where the larger vessel cannot enter.  During the winter months, the motor is removed and this flat bottom boat becomes a perfect platform for performing ice rescue operations.

two firefighters in the LaSalle Fire Rescue two boat