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Flooding in LaSalle

Register for LaSalle Alerts

We encourage all residents of LaSalle to register for the LaSalle Alerts system. It will be used to provide important information in times of emergency like floods, large fires, evacuation notices, boil water advisories, etc. Add your contact information to make sure you are included in all future tests and notifications. 

Elderly or limited mobility residents, those without transportation, those who use medical equipment and/or those who have significant health issues who need assistance in an evacuation are encouraged to call us at 519-969-7771, ext. 0 to register for evacuation assistance.

Flooding on Front Road, LaSalle

High Lake Levels 

Officials with the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) continue to be gravely concerned about the persistent high lake levels throughout the winter months. The current peak level occurred in late July of 2019, but the elevated conditions continue.  The problems caused by these elevated lake levels are compounded significantly this year due to lack of ice cover, increased nearshore water depths, wave action pummeling the shorelines, and a January storm event that measured more than 50mm (nearly 2 inches) of rain in a 48 hour period. This is equivalent to the total precipitation in all of January 2019.

Lake Erie is currently 12 inches higher than it measured last February, while Lake St. Clair is 17 inches higher. This means that it is highly likely that the record lake levels hit in 2019 will be exceeded this year. These high water levels in the Great Lakes also affect the surrounding waterways in LaSalle like the Detroit River, Turkey Creek and River Canard. ERCA staff and Town of LaSalle staff continue to monitor conditions in the area. 

Front Road and the streets west of Front Road may experience overland flooding during rainfall events and/or in cases of high winds, wind speed and wind direction.

100-Year Flood Mapping

LaSalle Map 1 (Morton Dr. to Riverview Ave.) PDF

LaSalle Map 2 (Riverview Ave. to Delaware Ave.) PDF

LaSalle Map 3 (Delaware Ave. to Gary Ave.) PDF

LaSalle Map 4 (Gary Ave. to Victory St.) PDF

LaSalle Map 5 (Victory St. to Martin Lane) PDF

LaSalle Map 6a (Martin Lane to Malden Rd.) PDF

LaSalle Map 6b (Martin Lane to Malden Rd.) PDF

LaSalle Map 6c (Martin Lane to Malden Rd.) PDF

For more information, visit the Flood Forecasting page on the Essex Region Conservation Authority's website.

If water over the road is encountered, motorists are reminded to drive with caution and slow down. If possible, avoid the area. Vehicles can create wakes that will cause damage to property and other vehicles on the road. The combination of slippery banks, waves, waves overtopping shoreline structures, and fast moving water can be dangerous. Standing water can also present its own unseen hazards. Children, pets, and livestock should be kept away from flowing or standing water as well as shoreline areas.   

Flooded property in LaSalle

Plan Ahead

Overland flooding is a real threat and you must plan ahead. Sandbags and sand are available for free for LaSalle residents who are experiencing flooding.

In the event that the Town of LaSalle issues an evacuation order for your area, have a plan and know ahead of time:

  • Where you will stay
  • What you will bring with you
  • Where you will park your car
  • What you will do with your pets

It is up to you to protect you and your loved ones. In an emergency, calls are prioritized and
emergency services (fire, police and/or EMS)  may be delayed or not available. If you are ordered to evacuate, and you choose to ignore the evacuation recommendation, emergency services may not be able to get to you in a timely fashion. If you or a loved one are mobility challenged or have special medical needs, your plan should take into account extra time and requirements you may need to self evacuate. Please do not call 9-1-1 if your property is flooding unless you are in imminent life-threatening danger. 

72 hour Emergency Kit

Emergency Management Ontario has developed a list of essential items to include in an emergency kit. The kit should have everything you and your family would need to be safe and take care of yourselves for at least three days (72 hours) immediately following an emergency. Build your own kit and be prepared in case you need to leave your home. Should an evacuation of flooded areas be made, you will have limited time to gather your things and leave quickly. We encourage everyone to seek out family and friends outside of the evacuation area who may be able to provide shelter in this situation.

In the Event of an Evacuation

It is up to you to protect yourself and your loved ones. In an emergency, calls are prioritized and assistance may be delayed or not available. If you choose to ignore the evacuation recommendation, emergency services may not be able to get to you in a timely fashion.

If you or a loved one are mobility challenged or have special medical needs, your emergency plan should take into account extra time and requirements that you may need.

We also encourage relatives, friends and neighbours of elderly, vulnerable or limited mobility residents to ensure that these individuals are receiving information, are prepared for an evacuation and have assistance to evacuate in the event of flooding.

Elderly or limited mobility residents who need assistance in an evacuation scenario are asked to call the Town of LaSalle at 519-969-7771, ext. 0 to register in advance for evacuation assistance. If able, please complete the Evacuation Assistance Form.

LaSalle Flooding Detour - Adams Lane Route

LaSalle Flooding Detour - Howard Ave Route

Stay Informed

In the event of flooding, we will provide regular updates about the situation to the media and through our website and social media channels (Facebook and Twitter). We strongly encourage residents to seek out information through local radio and television stations as well (AM800, Blackburn, CBC, CTV, LaSalle Post and Windsor Star).