Application Process

  1. Have an engineered drawing drafted for Town approval. Local Companies commonly hired to provide engineered drawings include;
    • RC Spencer Associates - (519)-946-1122 
    • Landmark Engineers - (519)-972-8052
    • McCloskey Engineering - (519)-977-6800
    • Glos Engineering - (519)-966-6750
    • Blackrock Consulting - (519)-992-4280
    • Aleo Associates - (519)-254-7926
  2. Submit a Right of Way permit application to the Town with the engineered drawing. Applications that do not include an engineered drawing will not be reviewed.
  3. The Town's Engineering Department will review the application and drawing. Comments will be sent to the Designing Engineer if necessary.
  4. Once the application has been approved the Town will reach out to you and send you your permit.

Construction Process

  1.  After receiving your permit, hire a contractor off of the list of Approved Drainage Layers to do the work in accordance with the permit and approved engineered drawing. 
  2. A minimum of 48 hours prior to installation, the contractor shall contact the Public Works department at 519-969-4143 to arrange for inspection of the work prior to backfilling. If it is backfilled without inspection the town will require it to be re-exposed for inspection.

Design Requirements

1) Only new HDPE or concrete culverts to be used. Culverts shall be installed in accordance with Manufacturer's instructions.

2) Only new cast iron catch basin covers may be used.

3) Minimum pipe size is to be 15" diameter.

4) All pipes must be laid on an even grade with a positive slope, following the direction of flow of the ditch.

5) Driveway culverts must be cleaned out before connecting pipes to same.

6) Driveway culverts may be required to be altered to provide a proper grade.

7) Catchbasins must have a sump pit of at least 12" below the pipes connecting to same.

8) Catchbasin tops must be set at a grade to allow for a minimum slope of 6% from the edge of the adjacent road.

9) A Granular "A" crushed stone shoulder of 6" thickness shall be provided within 6" of the edge of the travelled portion of the road.  Only Granular "A" crushed stone (0-7/8") may be used.

10) Pipes must be inspected prior to backfilling and/or they will be required to be exposed.

11) Applicants must utilize contractors who are licensed as drain layers with the Corporation of the Town of LaSalle, as they are insured to work on Town property.


Apply for a Right of Way Permit