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Fire Safety Trailer

The LaSalle Fire Service Fire Safety Trailer is a tool to educate children through a hands-on program so they can understand how a fire looks, feels and sounds, but in a safe environment.

The Fire Safety House is a portable Kids and Firefighters standing in front of the LaSalle Fire Safety Trailereducational classroom designed as a miniature house. Children enter the house to learn about potential fire hazards in different parts of the home and learn how to:


  • Reduce kitchen hazards;
  • Keep themselves and others from suffering kitchen related fire injuries;
  • Use a stove and microwave safely; and
  • Prevent hazards relating to sinks, hot water, cabinets and electricity.

Living room

  • Prevent fireplace hazards;
  • Stop, drop, and roll to extinguish clothing fires;
  • Dial 9-1-1 in an emergency; and
  • Details to tell the dispatcher.


Child using the latter on the fire safety trailer

  • React if awakened by the sound of a smoke alarm;
  • Escape from a room filled with "non-toxic" smoke;
  • Crawl on the floor and feel doors to see if they are hot;
  • Climb down a safety ladder which leads outside to safety; and
  • Gather to their assigned common meeting place.

Funding provided by The Ontario Trillium Foundation through the Kin Club of LaSalle in 2005.