Kids and Firefighters standing in front of the LaSalle Fire Safety Trailer

The LaSalle Fire Service Fire Safety Trailer is a tool to educate children through a hands-on program so they can understand how a fire looks, feels, and sounds. This method of teaching provides a safe environment for learning about the dangers of fire.

The Fire Safety House is a portable educational classroom designed as a miniature house. During Fire Prevention Week and other events throughout the year, firefighters use this teaching tool to educate children about fire safety.  Children enter the house to learn about potential fire hazards in different parts of the home and how to keep themselves and their family safe. 



  • Reduce kitchen hazards;
  • Keep themselves and others from suffering kitchen related fire injuries;
  • Use a stove and microwave safely; and
  • Prevent hazards relating to sinks, hot water, cabinets and electricity.

Living room

  • Prevent fireplace hazards;
  • Stop, drop, and roll to extinguish clothing fires;
  • Dial 9-1-1 in an emergency; and
  • Details to tell the dispatcher.


Child using the latter on the fire safety trailer

  • React if awakened by the sound of a smoke alarm;
  • Escape from a room filled with "non-toxic" smoke;
  • Crawl on the floor and feel doors to see if they are hot;
  • Climb down a safety ladder which leads outside to safety; and
  • Gather to their assigned common meeting place.

Funding provided by The Ontario Trillium Foundation through the Kin Club of LaSalle in 2005.