LaSalle partnered with the Bell Box Murals Project to paint eight Bell Utility Boxes within the Town in July 2017.  You will find the location of each Bell Box Mural on this map (PDF). These beautiful designs celebrate art, our unique community and its history.

Meet the Artists

Bell Box Mural - Milkweed and Monarch

Judy Chappus

In 1984, Judy earned her honours in Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Windsor. In 1986, she received her Masters of Fine Arts Degree from the University of California. She's worked as a professional artist for over 30 years. Her work is in collections throughout Canada and the United States, but Essex County remains and will always be her home and her muse.

The inspiration for Judy's Milkweed and Monarch mural stems from her childhood. Growing up in LaSalle on a small farm, she recalls playing in the marshes, digging cray fish out of mud holes, and building teepees with pokeweed covered in tall prairie grasses. During these excursions, she grew to cherish the connection and importance of the unique bio systems in the area. This mural is located on Malden Rd. at Martin Lane.

Christine Dexter

Divine Street Bell Box Mural, Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle and Le Griffon

Christine is a local artist from Lakeshore. From the ages of 9 to 13, she took painting lessons with a local artist named Tim Dixon. Since she was 14 years old, Christine has designed and completed over 175 business and residential murals throughout Essex County.  She has been painting murals for over 19 years and still loves the challenge and thrill of new projects. 

Located on Divine St. near Maple Ave., Christine's mural of Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle and his ship "Le Griffon" represent his adventure in navigating the Great Lakes and rivers.  Le Griffon, which La Salle built in his quest to find the Northwest Passage to China and Japan, sunk on its maiden voyage in 1679.

David Creed

Divine Street Bell Box Mural, Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle and Le Griffon

David was raised in Harrow and Kingsville, Ontario. Growing up in a rural, industrial, and technological atmosphere was a major influence in his artwork. He is devoted to entertaining the eyes of others and sharing his story along the way. David's paintings and murals are created through a process of forming patterns and geometric shapes, mixed with a melting pot of colours to deceive the eye.

This Bell Box Mural is a commemorative piece to the Canadian/LaSalle based band The Tea Party. A colourful piece including all members of the band and a list of some of their most successful albums over the years are showcased. You will find David's mural located at Divine St. between Superior St. and Bouffard Rd.

Briana Athena Benore

Bell Box Mural - Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle

Briana is a visual artist who specializes in painting with acrylics and oil. After studying for her Bachelor in Fine Arts at the University of Windsor, Briana chose to establish herself in the Southwestern Ontario and Southeastern Michigan regions. While working on her degree, Briana also displays her work in varied styles of public exhibitions.

Located on Front Rd. at Senator St., Briana's mural is in memory of Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle.  The Town is named after this famous French explorer best known for leading an expedition down the Illinois and Mississippi rivers.

Paul Muegge

Bell Box Mural - Rythm of Nature & Night Hawk

As a proud resident from LaSalle, Paul loves the trail and park systems that the Town has to offer. Much of his artwork is inspired by nature, often using local landmarks as a subject matter. Paul's specialty is working with spray paint.

If you stay on the water late enough, mother nature may reward you with one of the most incredible sunsets you might ever see. This was the inspiration for Paul's Rhythm of Nature (front) mural.

The Night Hawk (back) was inspired by the rich habitat and bird species that LaSalle and Essex County have to offer. The region attracts droves of birdwatchers to the area each year, and birds of prey are aplenty. 

You will find this mural located along the trail at Mayfair Ave. and Laurier Dr.

Melissa Piva

Bell Box Mural - LaSalle Mural

Melissa Piva is a professional artist from Amherstburg, Ontario. She started painting murals in 2000, but now works mostly on canvas art. Her preferred medium is acrylic, and she displays work in a number of local galleries. Melissa is a mother of three, and a supporter of all things creative and all things local. 

Located on Delmar St., her mural depicts all things LaSalle. From the display of the LaSalle Strawberry Festival fireworks, the ship "Le Griffon", pedestrians using the trails, and our waterways, this mural is "Living LaSalle".

Jay Raven

Bell Box Mural - Milkweed and Monarch

Jay is a self-taught, professional visual artist, specializing in paintings, murals and digital art. His creative efforts have involved active and dedicated participation in numerous art exhibitions and festivals. He has been creating murals for over 20 years.

His mural is entitled "Amik", which in the Ojibwe language means "Beaver". His inspiration came from Le Griffon, a ship built for exploration. One of the main objectives of these travels was to obtain beaver pelts. The beaver is of local and national significance. This mural is located on Omira St. off of Malden Rd.

Sanja Srdanov and Melissa Thibert

Bell Box Mural - Ojibway Endangered Plant Species

Both Sanja and Melissa are local artists in the community. They have experience with painting murals, such as the Great Canadian Wall (Toronto, ON), La Casalinga Restaurant (Windsor, ON), Kingsville District High School (Kingsville, ON), and many more.

Sanja's and Melissa's inspiration for their mural, located on Monty St. off of Malden Rd., is entitled "Ojibway Endangered Plant Species". They wanted to bring awareness and highlight important and endangered plant species in the area.