Artists David Creed & Christy Litster in front of their mural

In February 2018, artists were invites to submit a proposal to create a mural at the Riverdance Community Centre. The mural would depict the history of LaSalle and a piece that would become part of the stories told for generations to come. The Town's Strategic Planning Promotional Committee carefully reviewed all submissions.  The contract was awarded to artists David Creed and Christy Litster (pictured on right).

As a team, Creed and Litster are passionate about graphically capturing the very essence of their subject matter in their work. Their mural, "LaSalle: Then til Now", is an energetic, colourful representation of the history of the Town of LaSalle. They chose to highlight not only important historical events and people, but also represent the picturesque landscape and flourishing wildlife located throughout the Town. Their goal was to captivate their viewer with the use of bold colours while having an emphasis on mixed media techniques. They paired historically inspired imagery with the illustrative modern style of both artists. The artists created this using mostly spray paint.

This mural is located at the Riverdance Building at Front Road Park. The room is available for rent for small functions.

LaSalle: Then til Now

Photo Gallery: Riverdance Mural will appear here on the public site.