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Seniors Programs


The Town of LaSalle has joined Cyber-Seniors and will be matching young people with seniors to offer free one-on-one telephone guided computer lessons.  This is made possible by funding assistance from the Canada Summer Jobs Program.

The free lessons offered will include topics like the basics of turning on the computer, using the keyboard and mouse, how to use email, how to search using Google, how to use Skype, accessibility features on a computer, tablet or smartphone and how to use social media platforms like Facebook.  The senior will complete a questionnaire to help the student identify what they are interested in learning about and then work though a comprehensive workbook (that the senior is provided with) at their pace. All learning takes place over the phone.

Interested seniors can get more information or register for the free lessons by calling 519-969-7771, ext. 0.  Online registration is also available.  One-on-one telephone lessons will be available from June 22 until August 28.

Better Living Month (From Home)

In June, the Department of Culture and Recreation hosted Better Living Month. This virtual event encouraged those in the community age 50+ to explore their passions and discover new ones through fun and educational workshops with local experts.

Workshops such as cooking,meditation and golf tips were hosted from a distance.  Easy computer/telephone options were made available.

Click here to register

Using Zoom

These programs will require users to create a Zoom account. For help setting up an account, visit the following resources:

How to Create Your Zoom Account (PDF)

Telephone Sit & Be Fit

Join Mara on Monday's and Wednesday's to keep up on exercising. Pre-registration is required.

senior on telephone for sit and be fiteTelephone Sit and Be Fit Online Registration