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Welcome to the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex Arenas

Re-opening Guidelines for VOLLMER ARENA Users

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Arena Welcome Back Video

Before Leaving Home

  • Stay at home and away from others if you are feeling ill or have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Bring your face covering, as you will be required to wear it while in the facility.
  • Arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled ice time.
  • Early entry into the facility will not be permitted.
  • Bring your own water bottle as water fountains and refill stations are not available at this time.
  • No food or drink other than water is allowed.  Sorry parents and coaches, this means no coffee at this time.
  • Remember to leave your valuables at home.

Arrival at the Vollmer Centre

  • You will be required to wear a face covering upon entering the facility. 
  • Please enter through the southwest sliding doors, located closest to the Gary L Parent Rink.
  • Markers will be set up outside, to provide visual cues to encourage physical distancing. Please line up and wait for direction to enter the building.
  • Check in begins as early as 15 minutes before your scheduled ice time. Late arrival will not be permitted.
  • The sliding doors will remain locked at all other times.
  • Before entry, you will be greeted by a representative from your group for screening and contact tracing.
  • Individuals will not be allowed to enter the building if they:
    • Are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19
    • Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days
    • Have returned from travel or been in contact with someone who has travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days (US essential workers are exempt)
  • You are required to use hand sanitizer which is provided at the entrance/exit of the facility.
  • Spectators are limited to only one per participant (including siblings) and all spectators must sit in the arena.  Face coverings must be worn, and physical distancing be maintained at all times. Spectators should sit in seats that are marked with physical distancing stickers. Please note that spectator seating is disinfected twice daily.
  • Proceed to your assigned dressing room.  Dressing rooms are limited to 9 participants.  Participants should sit in seats that are marked with physical distancing stickers.
  • Arrive ready to play as dressing rooms are only available to put skates on and are limited to 15 minutes.  Each participant may have one parent/guardian accompany them into the dressing room to assist with skates and everyone should keep their distance from others outside of their household.

Preparing to go on the ice

  • Your face covering can be removed when you put your helmet on or when you get on the ice. Please continue to remain physically distanced from others once your face covering is removed.
  • Ensure your bag is placed under the dressing room bench.
  • Participant access into the arena is through the dressing room hallway.  Once dressed, please line up at the arena entrance at the far end of the dressing room hallway and wait for your coach before entering the arena
  • Spectators should enter the arena through the entrance located off the food court.

At the end of your ice time

  • Ice time is limited to 50 minutes and players and coaches must exit the ice promptly. Coaches: please monitor the time and exit the ice prior to the buzzer. 
  • Participants should exit the arena through the assigned door and proceed to the same spot in the dressing room.
  • Spectators should exit the arena through doors located off the food court and may return to the dressing room to assist with skates.  Reminder, please do not undress.  Removes skates and leave the building without delay.
  • Spectators not assisting their child with their skates must exit the facility immediately and wait outside. Provincially mandated gathering limits are restricted to 50 people, and in order to maintain this, we need participants and spectators to exit the building promptly.  Everyone must exit the dressing room and facility within 15 minutes.
  • Please ensure any garbage (such as tape) is disposed of.  Due to COVID-19, items left in the facility will not be held for pick up and will be disposed of immediately.
  • Arena users must leave the building through the assigned exit (food court doors).
  • There is a 15 minute gap between ice rentals in order to allow staff to sanitize the dressing rooms and players benches, as well as to allow for safe traffic flow, physical distancing and gathering limit restrictions.

The Town of LaSalle follows the guidelines and recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer of Health and the Region’s Medical Officer of Health along with guidelines from the Ontarion Recreation Facilities Association (ORFA).

Consequences of not complying with protocols

Just like shopping is different and going to school is different, the activities at the Vollmer Complex are different too.  We understand that everyone is anxious to get back to using the arena in familiar ways; however, the Town of LaSalle has an obligation to abide by a number of guidelines in place for recreational facilities that have been declared by the Ontario Government and/or the Windsor Essex County Health Unit (WECHU).  The safety of our staff and patrons is our top priority.

It is imperative that coaches and user group representatives set an example and support our efforts to keep our staff and users safe.  This includes ensuring that you and your team(s) are:

  • following COVID protocols such as face coverings and physical distancing
  • respecting time limits on the ice and in dressing rooms
  • cleaning up your garbage
  • not bringing food or beverages into the facility
  • being respectful to everyone

We have experienced some issues with non-compliance and as a result will we be taking progressive measures for individuals and teams in the following manner:

  • First Offence: verbal warning
  • Second Offence: written warning
  • Third Offence: one(1) week suspension from facility
  • Subsequent offences will immediately result in additional suspension time

When appropriate we will use progressive measures, however, the type of discipline imposed may depend on the nature of the problem and may result in immediate suspension.  Ice time will not be refunded in the event of a suspension.

We appreciate your support and cooperation as we navigate these challenging times together.

Adult Arena Use

To protect the safety of our employees and all visitors, we have taken a phased approach to re-starting activities at the Vollmer Complex.

Over the last several months, we have welcomed arena programs back with a number of changes:

  • A maximum capacity on the ice and in the arena of 50 people, including players, coaches and spectators.
  • League representatives must screen and maintain attendance records of participants and spectators every time they attend.
  • Participants must arrive dressed and can only put on skates, helmet and gloves in the dressing room. Dressing rooms are only available 15 minutes before and after ice time, and showers are not available.  A maximum of 9 people are allowed in the dressing room at one time.
  • Face coverings are mandatory except when on the ice.
  • Food and drink (except water) is not allowed.
  • There are guidelines to keep teams away from one another before getting on the ice, use of entrances/exits and maintaining of physical distancing.
  • There is a 15 minute gap between ice rentals in order to allow staff to sanitize the dressing rooms and players benches, as well as to allow for safe traffic flow, physical distancing and to maintain gathering capacities.

The Town of LaSalle is following the Arena Use Policy, which identifies Community Youth/Minor Sports groups as a priority when allocating ice time. 

At this time, there are no plans to allocate ice to adult users and/or leagues.

The Town will take historical precedent (prior to COVID-19) into account for future allocation as restrictions are lifted and a more typical ice schedule resumes.

picture of a message to arena users letter

A message for hockey arena users

picture of arena use during covid map

Arena use during COVID-19 Map

There are two ice pads located inside the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex. The Vollmer Complex is home to the LaSalle Vipers Jr. B. Hockey Club. We were also proud to host the World Under 17 Hockey Tournament in 2011/2012.

Ice pad with empty seating area.

Rink A

Rink A is a NHL regulation sized ice pad, with seating for up to 1,000 people. There are overhead heaters, accessible seating and access to dressing rooms.

This rink is available for naming rights. Contact us for more information.

Gary L. Parent CAW Rink

The Gary L. Parent CAW Rink is a NHL regulation sized ice pad, with seating for up to 200 people. There are overhead heaters, accessible seating and access to dressing rooms.

Ice Rentals

For more information about renting an ice pad, contact the Vollmer Complex at 519-969-7771, ext. 4105. 

Birthday Parties

For information about having a skating birthday party at the Vollmer Complex, visit our Birthday Party page.

Recreational Skating

We offer many different kinds of public skating:

  • Parent & Tot Skate: Open to children under the age of 5 and their parent/guardian
  • Public Skating: Open to all ages
  • Figure Skating: Open to all figure skaters
  • Fitness Skating: Open to adults over 16 years

Click here to go to the Skating Schedules page

Sponsor an Arena Seat

All of the arena seats in Rink A can be sponsored. For $250, you can choose an unnamed seat and let us know what you would like displayed on the seat. For more information, contact the Department of Culture and Recreation at 519-969-7770, ext. 1235.

General Arena Rules

  • The Vollmer Complex strongly recommends that all skaters wear a CSA-approved hockey helmet for your own safety and protection.
  • Skate admission bands must be prominently displayed on clothing or skates.
  • Patrons must respect, listen to and follow instructions from staff.
  • Please report all accidents or injuries to staff right away.
  • Please do not carry children while skating. No chairs or strollers are allowed on the ice.
  • No food or drink is allowed on the ice.
  • No excessive erratic skating is allowed.
  • Everyone on the ice must wear skates.
  • Children 7 years and younger must be accompanied and supervised directly by a guardian who is 14 years or older. Maximum of 3 children per guardian.