Essex County Library
The Essex County Library is a system of 14 library branches that provide quality materials and services, free of charge, to all residents of Essex County. The Essex County Library was established by County Council in January 1966. It replaced the Essex County Co-operative, which was a loose federation of independent municipal libraries. Today, with the financial support from the County of Essex and the Province of Ontario, the Essex County Library provides a collection of over 367,000 items and a wide range of services through its branch libraries.

The LaSalle Branch of the Essex County Library is located inside the LaSalle Civic Centre at 5950 Malden Road. For more information, visit the Essex County Library.

LaSalle Civic Centre

Branch Hours

Monday to Thursday 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
Friday and Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday Closed

Bill Varga Branch

Mr. William (Bill) Varga

In 1996, the LaSalle Branch of the Essex County Library was named after Mr. Varga to honour his dedication to the Essex County Library Board. The William (Bill) Varga branch is now located inside the LaSalle Civic Centre.

First elected in 1974 to what was then the Township of Sandwich West council, Varga was elected continually until 2010 with the exception of one defeat in 1982 by 18 votes. Over the years, Mayor Varga held the position of councillor, reeve, deputy reeve, deputy mayor and mayor. He also served as Essex County Warden in 1994 and served on numerous boards and committees. Mayor Varga passed away in 2019.