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Department of Culture and Recreation
Activity Guide

 The Department of Culture and Recreation offers programs for all ages. We print an activity guide three to four times each year with 1 to 2 sessions of information included. Most often, sessions of programs run in the winter (January to March), spring (April to June), summer (July and August) and fall (September to December).

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Activity Guide Advertising

For each edition of the Activity Guide, about 3,000 copies are available to be picked up Town Hall and the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex. We will also provide copies of the Activity Guide to our advertisers to distribute.

The Activity Guide is available for viewing on our web site in PDF format. This is a copy of the entire guide, and includes all advertisements.

Advertisements will be in full colour (please provide in CMYK 300 dpi camera-ready).

We host a variety of activities for all ages daily including adult and senior fitness classes, youth programs, learn to swim programs, drop-in fitness, leisure activities and fitness centre users.

About 1,000 people enter the Vollmer Complex daily. Patrons often stop at the front desk to collect a copy of the latest Activity Guide. Our website has experienced an increase in traffic, and patrons often report that they obtained information directly from our website.

Long Shelf-Life

As each publication contains one to two sessions of information, the guide contains relevant information for three to six months. This is a great means to share your message.