Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex Arenas

VRC Rink A

Arriving at the Arena

  • Arrive no more than 15-30 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled ice time. 

  • At this time, we ask that you do not bring food to the facility. Beverages are permitted.
  • Face coverings must be worn, and physical distancing must be maintained.

Capacity and Restrictions

  • For hockey practice, the ice rink must not exceed 35 skaters. Coaches and volunteers are excluded from this number.

  • For skating, the ice rink must not exceed 60. Coaches are excluded from this number. 

  • Dressing rooms must not exceed 17 skaters, which is 50% of the fire code capacity.

  • Rink A must not exceed 500 spectators and physical distance shall be maintained.
  • Rink B must not exceed 100 spectators and physical distance shall be maintained.
  • Benches, dressing rooms and touch surfaces are disinfected twice daily.

  • User Groups must follow their Return to Play Guidelines from their governing bodies.

Emergency Phones and Devices

Each arena is equipped with an emergency phone for LaSalle Police, Fire and EMS. Additionally, users should familiarize themselves with the location of AEDs throughout the facility, which are clearly marked. Fire extinguishers are marked and are required to be kept clear of debris and visible at all times. Do not leave equipment in front of AEDs or fire extinguishers.

Additionally, all Town of LaSalle employees are trained and certified in Standard First Aid and CPR-C.

Emergency exits are clearly marked. Throughout the facility you will find emergency exit route maps posted.

Leaving the Arena

  • Please ensure any garbage (such as tape or other refuse) is disposed of before leaving. Due to COVID-19, items left behind in the facility will not be held for pick up and will be discarded immediately.

  • Limit dressing room time to a maximum of 30 minutes after the rental. Please leave the facility promptly. 

  • Alcohol consumption inside the facility is prohibited.

Player Safety Around the Zamboni

  • Remain on the bench with the doors closed until the Zamboni is off of the ice surface and the Zamboni doors are completely closed. Do not shoot pucks or skate around while the Zamboni operator is shoveling snow off of the ice.
  • Keep water bottles and items off of the bench ledge until the Zamboni is off of the ice. 

Responsibility of Coaches and Volunteers

 Hockey coaches and volunteers - we need your help to keep things on track!

  • Please put pylons and bumpers back in their proper location. Do not leave these items in the hallway or on the benches.
  • Ensure your team does not enter the ice surface prior to the rental start time or while the Zamboni doors are open.
  • If you write on the glass, please erase it before leaving.
  • Please have your team clean up pucks and equipment from the ice surface promptly before the buzzer sounds.
  • To help the next group, please have a coach or volunteer move the nets for the Zamboni.
  • Coaches shall ensure the team dressing room(s) are vacated by all team members 30 minutes after the rental end time. The dressing rooms must have all garbage picked up before leaving.
  • Coaches: extra nets and equipment must be requested in advance through your organization's scheduler.

Responsibility of Players and Skaters

  • Do not vandalize the facility with sticks, pucks or other behaviour.
  • Ball hockey inside the arena hallways is not permitted. Help us keep this facility safe for everyone.
  • Throw out your garbage properly. Do not leave tape or garbage on the floor.
  • Do not spit in the facility.

Requesting Arena Availability

For inquiries regarding arena availability or to book an arena, please contact us by email or by calling extension 4115. Please note that all rentals are required to provide their own insurance policy, or must purchase insurance through the Town of LaSalle. At this time, we are limiting booking requests.

For more information, view our Arena Use Policy.

User Groups and Skating/Hockey Registration

We are proud to work with various LaSalle youth and adult user groups who provide recreational activities to the community. Visit our Local Sport Organizations page for more information about user groups and registration for youth hockey and skating.