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Department of Culture and Recreation
Program Policies

Safe Arrival and Departure

Please walk your child into the program when dropping them off, and come into the program room to pick them up at the end of the class. Make sure that the staff person knows that you are there when returning to pick up your child. If your child is being picked up by someone else, let one of the instructors know at the beginning of the class. If your child is participating in a program indoors, please send indoor shoes.

Participant Behaviour Guidelines

We want to be sure that we encourage an environment of trust, safety and above all, fun! We will not accept disrespectful or aggressive behaviour. Our staff members are trained to address inappropriate behaviour. While we make every reasonable effort to ensure the enjoyment of all participants, if inappropriate behaviour is not changed, a participant's actions may lead to removal from our programs.

Photography Policy

Patrons wishing to use video cameras and/or other devices to take photos and/or videos, including camera phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs), in any registered or supervised program, must receive permission from staff before filming. The use of all cell phones and PDAs, or any other devices designed to take photographs, is prohibited in all change room and washroom areas in all Town of LaSalle facilities.

Media/Town Photographs

We may take pictures of people involved in various programs to be used in brochures, the activity guide or on our website. If you do not wish you, or your child, to be photographed, let us know in writing.

Our facilities are open to the public and often media personnel visit to take photos. If you, or your child, are a participant in our programs and you do not want a photo published, please inform the staff during registration. We will make every effort possible to make sure that you, or your child, are not photographed.


Was your program cancelled? All programs have a minimum number of participants. If this number is not met, the program may be cancelled. Register early!