2024 Online Vendor Application

Vendor Fees

One booth is 100 ft(10 feet by 10 feet). Vendors may need multiple booth spaces to accommodate their display.

  • Merchant/Retail Vendor: $220 per booth
  • Food Vendor: $440 per booth

Vendor Information

Vendor Booth Details

Booth Location

Vendor booth location will be assigned by the Town of LaSalle. We will do our best to accommodate special requests, but cannot guarantee accommodations. You will be informed of your booth location before the event along with a vendor map. Vendors are not permitted to sell items outside of the approved booth area. All booths must remain stationary. Booth area includes tent structures, and all supplies and storage (carts, trailers, etc.) The site supervisor will check to ensure all items are within the vendor booth during set-up and inspection times.

The vendor is solely responsible for providing all items for their booth including tent, chairs, tables, extension cords and other set-up equipment. All sale items and signage must remain inside allotted booth spaces.

Vendors are responsible for securing their tents (with weights or sandbags). Vendor booths must be staffed for the entire duration of the festival. Early tear down or closing is prohibited.

Electrical Requirements

All equipment and extension cords must be provided by the vendor and shall meet the approval of the Electrical Safety Authority including a ground prong. All booths requiring electrical are subject to an inspection by the Electrical Safety Authority at any time during the festival. They will be looking for unpermitted items such as heaters, hot plates or worn/damaged cords. Electrical hook up, disconnection and inspection will be completed by the site electrician only. Vendors are not permitted to hook up or disconnect their electrical.

Vendor booths will be assigned a tag and will have their electrical cords tagged by the electrician.

Diesel generators are not permitted.


All vendors are subject to site inspections by:

  • Windsor Essex County Health Unit

  • Electrical Safety Authority or Electrical Inspector

  • TSSA

  • Town of LaSalle Personnel

  • LaSalle Police Service

  • LaSalle Fire Service - Captain/Fire Prevention Officer

If an inspection is failed, vendors must cease their operation until they have corrected any violations.

Items for Sale

The LaSalle Strawberry Festival reserves the right to regulate goods sold by vendors and accept or deny vendor entry to the festival. The LaSalle Strawberry Festival holds exclusive rights to the sale of strawberries and ice cream. Vendors are not permitted to sell strawberries and ice cream. The Town welcomes strawberry-related items such as milkshakes, toppings, flavours, pies or desserts. The LaSalle Strawberry Festival is a family orientated event. Sale of any items, or unprofessional conduct by vendors that contravene this theme are strictly prohibited. Items for sale displaying profanity of any sort, weapons, drug paraphernalia or any items deemed unsafe are restricted. Booths will be monitored on-site throughout the duration of the Festival.

Tents and Trailers

All tents and trailers must fit inside the allocated booth space. If a trailer, tent or truck does not fit within the pre-purchased booth space, vendors will be charged for additional space. The booth space required will always be rounded up. For example, a thirty-three-foot trailer would require four, ten-foot booth spaces in order to fit properly, for a total of forty feet.

Vendor booth spaces will be set up on asphalt. Sandbags will be available from the Town of LaSalle on a first-come, first-served basis. Ground stake anchoring for tents is not permitted.

Vendors are responsible for securing their tents appropriately.


Water is available for food vendors only. Water will be connected by our site technician. Food vendors are responsible for supplying their own hose to connect to our water connection. Please supply at least 75 feet of hose, to err on the side of caution.

Set-Up and Tear-Down


Oil and Greywater Disposal

All food vendors must properly dispose of oil at their own expense at an appropriate recycling facility. Greywater must be held in the food vendors own tank and disposed of properly off-site. Dumping oil and greywater at the festival is prohibited and will result in dismissal from the property and additional damage charges.

Propane/Hydrocarbon Fuel-Fired Appliances

Vendors that use propane cooking appliances or other hydrocarbon fuel-fired appliances must provide proof of successful TSSA Field Approval License. Details on the Field Approval process can be found here: TSSA Field Approval

Health Unit Form

All food vendors must complete the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit (WECHU) Food vendor Application Form found here: WECHU Food Vendor Application

This form must be completed upon confirmation of vendor acceptance to the LaSalle Strawberry Festival. The health unit is informed of all vendors attending the festival. 

Outdoor Event

The LaSalle Strawberry Festival is an outdoor event. Vendors with light-sensitive products shall take their own precautions to protect their product from weather and sunshine. The Town will not move vendor booths once set up. Vendor booth assignments are non-negotiable. Special requests for spots with shade cannot be accommodated.


Day 1 of vendor set-up begins on Wednesday morning at 12:00 PM and ends on Wednesday at 4:00 PM. Day 2 of vendor set up begins Thursday morning at 9:00 AM must be completed Thursday at 4:00 PM. In order to ensure safety for festival patrons, all vehicles must be removed from the festival area and moved to vendor or general parking by 4:30 PM at the latest. Vehicles are permitted to be inside the event area while unloading during the specified set-up times.

The site electrician will connect all electrical devices to power. Power is not provided until Thursday. Vendors are not permitted to connect their own power. Please be patient during the check-in process. Our site staff will show you to your booth upon your arrival. 


Tear-down begins at the close of the festival on Sunday at 4:00 PM. At the close of the festival, vehicles are not allowed into the park until 30 minutes after the festival closes to allow festival patrons to safely exit the park. All booths must be vacated and removed from the premises before 1:00 PM on Monday. Vendors are responsible for their own site cleanup. Vendors who leave their vendor site in a poor condition which requires extra cleanup will be charged by The Town of LaSalle for the clean-up and repair costs.

 General Information



The festival operates rain or shine. The Town of LaSalle will evacuate the festival in the event of severe weather.


In addition to security during event hours, festival security will be provided overnight on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Vendors are responsible for their own theft and liability insurance. The Town of LaSalle is not responsible for lost or stolen property or damage caused due to vandalism, accident or weather conditions.

LaSalle Police Service deploys officers at the LaSalle Strawberry Festival during operational hours.

Sound and Noise

Vendors must ensure sound and noise at their booth is kept to a minimum. The Town reserves the right to direct vendors to turn down music or limit noise if deemed excessive and distracting.


Vendors must familiarize themselves with the following policies:

Vendor Parking

Vendors must park at the parking lots on-site. Vendors are not permitted to park their vehicles or campers at their booth inside the festival grounds.