Jacklyn Bistany TrailHealthy parks help make healthy people, and recreating in natural spaces has proven physical, mental and spiritual health benefits. 

Physical activity, especially in a peaceful, natural setting, can help to reduce stress and promotes mental and spiritual health.

Visiting natural areas was also identified as one of the top activities in which tourists like to engage in the Essex Region.

LaSalle Recreational Trails Map (pdf)

LaSalle Recreational Trail MapWith 40 KM of paved trails in LaSalle, you can walk, jog or ride your bicycle throughout the town.  There are 16 signs along the trails.  Be sure to check out each trail sign and read the interesting facts about LaSalle, Ontario and/or Canada.  The map will help you find your way.

The trail signs have a unique number.  In an emergency, dial 911 and let the dispatcher know which sign is nearby. This will help emergency workers find you quickly.

Trail Rules and Reminders                Sign of Trail Rules

  • Cyclist keep right, pass on left and warn before passing
  • Use caution where trails intersect or cross streets
  • Stay in public areas and respect private property
  • Protect and preserve our natural environment
  • Use at own risk

*Dial 911 for emergency*

Gilbert Park Trail

Map of Gilbert Park trail

Gilbert Park (at the end International Ave) is approximately 13 acres in size, is located between two large natural areas, and contains a 0.51 KM trail. Gilbert Park is identified as a municipal park by the Town of LaSalle and is part of the Greenway and Linkage System.

The Town of LaSalle received a grant from TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) to install the 0.51 KM trail and interpretive signs. There are a total of nine signs along the trail. The signs were created with the intention of being used by the nearby grade schools (LaSalle Public and Sacred Heart) for educational purposes. Everyone is welcome to take a walk and learn about the local wildlife, flora, bird species, the Carolinian Forest, pit and mound, and more.

Gilbert Park Trail Sign of Mammals Gilbert Park Trail Sign of Forest Flora Gilbert Park Trail Sign of Reptiles and Amphibians