Bouffard & Howard Planning Districts Integrated Class EA Addendum and Planning Act Approvals 

A number of landowners/developers that own "greenfield" land in the Bouffard and Howard Planning Districts have retained Dillon Consulting, to complete the required work to prepare an addendum to the existing Bouffard and Howard Municipal Class Environmental Assessment.

Dillon Consulting is proposing to utilize an integrated planning approach, combining the necessary amendments to the Municipal Class EA with the required Planning Act approvals for various lands located within the Bouffard & Howard Planning Districts.

A Notice of Study Commencement and of the first Public Information Centre (PIC) was sent out to all property owners within the study area.

The scope of the Municipal Class EA work that will be undertaken during Phase 1 is intended to review, and where necessary, revise: 

  • the size and location of the proposed storm water management ponds, and their corresponding drainage area boundaries and trunk storm sewers;
  • the location (alignment) of all arterial and collector roads;
  • the size and location of any additional required trunk sanitary sewers; and
  • corridors that need to be set aside for natural heritage, storm drainage, trails, parks and open space purposes.

Information boards that were used at the 1st Public Information Centre,  (PDF) which was held on June 6, 2016 provide background information pertaining to this project, and identify the next steps that will be taken by Dillon Consulting. 

Information boards that were used at the 2nd Public Information Centre, (PDF) held on July 27, 2016, provide additional information, including the identification of a number of alternatives to be evaluated by the Consulting team.

Information boards that were used at the 3rd Public Information Centre (PDF) held on December 15, 2016, provide information with respect to the evaluation of alternative infrastructure solutions, and also describe how Phase 2 work is to be undertaken by individual landowners/developers.

Dillon Consulting has completed Phase 1 of this Class EA project, and will be presenting their March 7, 2017 Report for Phase 1, entitled "Class EA Addendum, Final Report, for the Bouffard and Howard Planning Districts", at the March 28th, 2017 Council meeting (starting at 7 pm), to be held at the LaSalle Civic Centre, 5950 Malden Road, LaSalle.

A Notice of Filing of the Class EA Addendum Report/Notice of March 28, 2017 Council Meeting was sent out to landowners/stakeholders by Dillon Consulting on March 15, 2017.

As part of the 2nd phase of the Integrated Class EA/Planning Act Approvals Project, Dillon Consulting will be preparing and filing individual Planning Act applications for various parcels of land (including draft plan of subdivision, rezoning, and where necessary official plan amendment applications), in order to be able to integrate the Planning Act approval process with the Municipal Class EA Master Plan process. 

It should be noted that this is a proponent-driven Integrated Municipal Class EA/Planning Act undertaking, which must satisfy all of the applicable legislative and regulatory requirements that are prescribed by the Province of Ontario.

Notices will be prepared and meetings of Council and the Planning Committee will be scheduled for all Planning Act applications, once the Municipal Class EA work has been completed, and individual Planning Act applications are formally submitted.

For more information, please contact:

Karl Tanner, MCIP RPP
Project Manager
Dillon Consulting Limited
3200 Deziel Drive Suite 608, Windsor, ON, N8W 5K8
Tel: 519.948.5000 ext. 3227

Larry Silani, MCIP RPP
Director of Development & Strategic Initiatives
Town of LaSalle
5950 Malden Road, LaSalle, ON N9H 1S4
Tel: 519.969.7770 ext. 1288