Heritage Estates and Oliver Farms Flooding and Preliminary Design Study

The Town has experienced storm water flooding in the Heritage Estates and Oliver Farms area over the past few years.

The scope of this project includes preliminary design of the Oliver Farms area infrastructure and a complete and comprehensive hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of the Oliver Farms and Heritage Estates areas. The objective is to improve the storm system level of service and provide flood relief.

This project was awarded mid November 2015 to Stantec Consulting Ltd. It is anticipated to be completed May 2016 as shown in the project schedule.

***A Third Public Information Centre has been added Thursday December 1, 2016 which has extended the completion date of the Study to approximately February/April 2017.***

Public Information Centre No. 1 will be held Wednesday February 10, 2016 to provide information/progress update and solicit feedback from the public. The Open House is from 4:00pm to 8:00pm at Holy Cross Elementary School (2555 Sandwich W Pkwy) northeast entrance. The Public Information Centre Display Boards and Flooding Survey are now available for viewing.

Public Information Centre No. 2 will be held Wednesday March 30, 2016 to provide various solutions considered and solicit feedback from the public on the preferred solution. The PIC will also present preliminary design drawings for Oliver Farms. The Open House is from 4:00pm to 8:00pm at Holy Cross Elementary School (2555 Sandwich W Pkwy). The Public Information Centre Display Boards, Oliver Farms Preliminary Design, and Comment Form are now available for viewing.

Public Information Centre No. 3 will be held Thursday December 1, 2016 to allow residents the final opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed pond in Heritage Park and proposed storm system improvements in Oliver Farms.  The PIC will present conceptual plans of the proposed pond solution as well as expanded options in lieu of the pond. The Open House is from 4:00pm to 8:00pm in the Town of LaSalle Civic Centre Lobby (5950 Malden Road). The Public Information Centre Display Boards and Comment Form are now available for viewing.

Notice of Completion

Stantec Consulting Ltd. has completed this Class EA project.  They will be presenting their August 2, 2017 Final Report, entitled "Oliver Farms/Heritage Estates Flooding Study and Oliver Farms Preliminary Design" at the September 12, 2017 Council meeting (starting at 7 pm), to be held at the LaSalle Civic Centre, 5950 Malden Road, LaSalle. The Final Report, Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C, Appendix D, Appendix E, Appendix F, Appendix G, and Appendix H, are available for viewing. 

A "Notice of Completion and Council Meeting" will be sent to landowners/stakeholders and will be published in the LaSalle Post.

Detail Design/Construction Phase

The Town is progressing to detail design and construction for the initial stages of the storm sewer improvements identified in this study.  The initial stage is the work identified in the Heritage Estates area and in Heritage Park.  This initial stage work is expected to be carried out during the 2019 construction season.  All other stages of improvements in the Oliver Farms area will be subject to funding/budgets and be carried out in future years.

The Town conducted a public open house on March 7 2019 to provide residents an opportunity to see what to expect during the 2019 construction season.  The Mar. 7 2019 display boards are now available to view online.

Contact Information

Please provide us with any feedback or questions you may have during the study process. Please contact the following by email or phone: 

Town of LaSalle Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Mr. Peter Marra, P. Eng.
Director of Public Works
(519) 969-7770 x. 1475


Mr. Alan Michaud, P. Eng.
Municipal Engineer
519-966-2250 x. 364
Mr. Jonathan Osborne, P. Eng.
Manager of Engineering Services
(519) 969-7770 x. 1255
Mr. Clarence Jubenville, P. Eng.
Senior Civil Engineer
(519) 966-2250 x. 241