In 2015, the Town of LaSalle hired the consultant firm KPMG to conduct a Service Delivery Review. The overall goal of the Service Delivery Review was to determine whether the Town of LaSalle is providing exceptional value in service delivery, in a cost effective manner.

Meetings, interviews, and focus groups were held with Council and employees of the Town of LaSalle to learn their thoughts on opportunities to improve, how services are delivered, and how costs might be reduced. A telephone survey was also conducted in February 2016 to gather information from LaSalle residents. Approximately 400 households took part in the survey.

The following is the information that was presented at the May 3, 2016 Public Information Centre held at the LaSalle Civic Centre:

Results of the Public Opinion Survey PDF (conducted by telephone in February 2016)

Service Delivery Review May 3, 2016 Public Meeting Information PDF

Service Delivery Review Potential Opportunities PDF

The undertaking of the Service Delivery Review will lead to:

  • a better understanding of whether the Town of LaSalle is meeting the needs of its residents and customers as efficiently and effectively as possible, and identify ways to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the town's services;
  • identification of whether there are any changes to the level of service the town should consider or whether there are any programs or services the town should no longer provide; and
  • continuous improvement efforts to consider efficiency and effectiveness of the town's service delivery in a cost-effective manner.

The final Town of LaSalle Service Delivery Report from KPMG was presented to Council in June 2016.