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LaSalle Small Coast Waterfront Experience

The LaSalle Small Coast Waterfront Experience will enhance the waterfront’s potential to develop a cultural hub and point of destination for LaSalle residents of all ages and abilities, as well as visitors to the area.

The LaSalle Small Coast Waterfront Experience is a connected, multi-amenity environment. The individual components will offer a mix of uses for both indoor and outdoor programming. These components also offer a wide range of venue sizes for even greater programming and use potential. Most importantly, when assembled together on this site, the activity hub will act as a symbol of community pride.

Watch a video about the LaSalle Small Coast Waterfront Experience. 

LaSalle Small Coast Waterfront Experience Site Plan

The key components of this fully accessible project include:

  • Festival Event Lawn
  • Event Centre
  • Recreational Water Feature
  • Community Centre
  • University of Windsor Freshwater Restoration Centre
  • Leisure Zones and Sports Zones
  • Natural Preserve Zone
  • Enhancement and Connection to shoreline
  • Trails, Markers and Beacons
  • Historic  Zone
  • Relocated Boat Launch

Public Consultation

Public consultation will play a major role in the development of the site. The plans include the division of the area into numerous zones and how each zone eventually develops will be based on input that is received from the community. This is intended to be a unique activity hub rooted in the rich history of LaSalle; so engaging the public will be an important part of the overall development of the site. It is anticipated that the public engagement process will commence in the early to mid-part of 2020.

Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program

The Town of LaSalle has submitted a grant application to the “Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program” to reanimate and expand the waterfront along the Detroit River. It is intended to create long-term economic growth, build inclusive, sustainable and resilient communities, and support a low carbon economy. The cost sharing formula for the program is 40% Federal; 33.33% Provincial and 26.67% Municipal.  This intake in the Community, Culture and Recreation funding stream, is intended to support projects that improve access to and/or quality of community, cultural and recreational priority infrastructure projects. Priority will be given to projects that are community-oriented, non-commercial and open to the public. All projects within the program must be completed prior to March 31, 2027. It should be noted that if the Town is not successful in the grant application, components of the project will move forward and development of the waterfront will take place over the next several years.