Pursuant to Section 35 of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, the Clerk notifies the Municipal Electors for the Town of LaSalle, that such persons, as named below, have been certified as candidates for the offices preceding their respective name.

Further, pursuant to Section 37 of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, certain certified candidates are declared to have been elected by acclamation as indicated by the name of the office preceding their respective name.

Click on the buttons below to view PDF copies of the certifications and acclamations as signed by the Clerk. 

Certified List of Council Candidates with Acclamations - Signed PDF

Certified List of School Board Candidates with Acclamations - Signed PDF

Certified Council Candidates 

Mayor (Acclaimed)

Name (last, first)Contact Information
Meloche, Crystal

Phone: 519-818-6666

Email: crystalmeloche@gmail.com 


Deputy Mayor (Acclaimed)

Name (last, first)Contact Information
Akpata, Michael

Phone: 519-817-2638

Email: michael_akpata@outlook.com 


Vote for up to five (5)

Name (last, first)Contact Information
Brar, Manpreet

Phone: 519-564-4560

Email: brarmp@gmail.com 

Burns, Terry

Primary Phone: 519-796-3403

Secondary Phone: 519-734-8187

Email: terryburns.lasalle@gmail.com 

Carrick, Mark

Phone: 519-259-2729

Email: mcarrick@outlook.com 

Desjarlais, Sue

Phone: 519-563-7701

Email: suedesjarlais@gmail.com 

Kovacsi, Brian

Phone: 519-903-3007

Email: briankovacsi@gmail.com 

Krewench, Brad

Phone: 226-739-2723

Email: brad.lasallecouncil@gmail.com  

Lucier, David

Primary Phone: 226-975-5782

Secondary Phone: 226-975-5781

Email: dklucier@yahoo.ca

Matis, Christopher

Phone: 226-246-6790

Email: chrismatis207@gmail.com 

O'Neil, Kevin

Phone: 519-818-1132

Email: kevin4lasalle@yahoo.ca 

Renaud, Jeff

Primary Phone: 519-734-0151

Secondary Phone: 519-980-1357

Email: renaud4council@gmail.com 

Riccio-Spagnuolo, Anita


Email: a_riccio@hotmail.com 

Certified School Board Trustee Candidates

English Public - Greater Essex County District School Board 

Jurisdictions: Town of LaSalle, Town of Amherstburg

Vote for up to one (1)

Name (last, first)Contact Information
LeClair, Ron

Phone: 519-995-2277

Email: ronleclair@me.com       

Salinitri, Geri

Phone: 519-551-0300

Email: sgeri@uwindsor.ca 

English Separate - Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board (Acclaimed)

Jurisdictions: Town of LaSalle, Town of Amherstburg

Name (last, first)Contact Information
Di Tomasso, Frank

Phone: 519-734-1136

Email: frankdito1@gmail.com 

French Separate - Conseil scolaire catholique Providence (Acclaimed)

 Jurisdictions: Town of LaSalle, City of Windsor Ward 1, Town of Tecumseh Wards 4 and 5

Name (last, first)Contact Information
Kenny, Jacques

Phone: 519-734-7296

Email: jacqueskenny@hotmail.com 

French Public - Conseil scolaire Viamonde*

All of Windsor-Essex County 

Vote for up to one (1)

* The City of Windsor has certified the below listed candidates. 
Name (last, first)Contact Information
Dignard, Serge

Phone: 519-979-6694

Email: serge.dignard@sympatico.ca 

Herold, Owen

Information Unavailable

Kojok, Badrieh

Phone: 519-995-6657

Richez, Emmanuelle

Phone: 519-990-1589

Email: emmanuelle.richez@uwindsor.ca