Since the enactment of the Development Charges Act is 1989, the Town of LaSalle has been collecting development charges fees from new residential and commercial development to fund the construction of necessary transportation, sewage, storm drainage and other essential infrastructure to support growth town-wide.

Applicants should review By-law 8501 (pdf) and consult with the Chief Building Official to determine the applicable charges that may apply to specific development proposals.

By-law 8501 is to impose Development Charges on certain residential and non-residential development within the Town of LaSalle, which fees are updated on an annual basis.

This summary is provided for general information only, and is not a guarantee of the total development charges. Final calculation and confirmation of amounts will be determined following review of plans in support of a building permit application.

2020 Education Land Development Charge Rates

2021 Development Charges Treasurer's Statement

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2023 Development Charge Rates

2022 Development Charges Updated Study to include Area-Specific Wastewater Development Charge

2022 Development Charge Rates

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2022 Amending Development Charge Bylaw 8729

2020 Approved Development Charge Bylaw 8501

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