A Fill Permit is required in order to perform the regrading of any property or import of any fill to a property within the Town.

As part of a complete application, a site plan is required that includes the following;

  • Property boundaries including any easements or rights of way
  • Location of any existing infrastructure or utilities (buildings, overhead lines, service connections, drains, watercourses, bodies of water, septic beds, significant trees, etc.)
  • Existing grades throughout property and 2m beyond property limits and proposed final grading
  • Proposed fill or removal areas 
  • Proposed grading of property
  • Proposed access/egress locations for performance of work
  • Proposed location of any temporary stockpiles
  • Location and details of sediment control measures
  • Proposed method of site drainage
  • Proposed method of restoration

The Town of LaSalle reserves the right to decline any received applications or provide conditional acceptance. Security deposits may also be required at the discretion of the Town Engineer.


Restoration of Town Property

After the completion of any work that impacts Town property, the Town requires that all areas are restored to the same condition, or better, than prior to the start of the work. If any portion of Town property or utilities are damaged the holder of the Fill Permit will be held responsible for the necessary repairs. For Town of LaSalle restoration standards, please visit the Town of LaSalle Standard Drawings Page.



To apply for a Town of LaSalle Fill Permit, please use the link below.

Fill Permit Application


For questions about fill permits, or assistance completing your application, please contact the Public Works Department at (519)-969-4143 between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.