A Right of Way Permit is required in order to perform any work on Town owned property or to utilize any portion of Town property.... 

Some examples of common activities that require a Right of Way permit include;

  • Construction of a new driveway, or replacing an existing driveway
  • Road or lane closures (Traffic Control Plans)
  • Installation of landscaping that extends into the right of way
  • Servicing work for an existing or newly created lot
  • Infilling of a ditch 
  • Work performed by third party utilities, such as telecommunications
  • Access to private property
  • Etc.

The Town of LaSalle reserves the right to decline any received applications or provide conditional acceptance. Security deposits may also be required at the discretion of the Town Engineer.

Typical Requirements

 Driveway Approaches

New and existing driveway construction requires a right-of-way permit and must comply with the current Driveway Standards. An existing curb cut width may be maintained where the existing curb is deemed to be proper, at the discretion of the Town Engineer. 

Standard driveway drawings can be found on the Town of LaSalle Standard Drawings Page.

 Ditch Infills
Requirements and additional information regarding infilling a ditch can be found on our Infilling a Ditch webpage. 
 Lot Servicing
Right-of-Way permits are required for servicing work that is completed on Town property. Applicants must submit a lot grading sheet or site servicing plan for Town review. Additional information and specific requirements are included in the Town of LaSalle Development Manual.
 Landscape Encroachments
A Right-of-Way permit is required for any landscaping or other personal property to be placed on Town property. Applicants will need to describe the nature of the encroachment and its location. Photos and/or sketches may also be required to assist in the review process.
 Utility Work 

The Town of LaSalle requires that utility companies must obtain a Right-of-Way permit to perform any work on Town property. As part of the permit application a drawing of the proposed utility must be submitted for Town review. Requirements on the drawing include;

  • The proposed location and/or running line of the proposed utility
  • The location of all existing utilities
  • Dimensions from the proposed utility to existing utilities and the back of curb/edge of the road
  • Traffic control measures as required

To obtain as-built information to include on your application please contact the Public Works Department.

 Access to Private Property

A Right-of-Way permit may be submitted to request the use of Town property to gain access to private property. Applicants will need to describe the area of Town property they would like to use and what they would like to use it for (equipment access, etc.). A sketch or drawing will also be required to illustrate the proposed access plan.

If use of the property is allowed, the Town may include restrictions or additional requirements as deemed necessary by the Town Engineer. 

Road or Lane Closures

A Right-of-Way Permit is required for any traffic control activities in the Town. Applicants must submit their traffic control plan for review a minimum of 48 hours prior to the start of work. Traffic control plans must comply with Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7.

Restoration of Town Property

After the completion of any work on Town owned property, the Town requires that the area is restored to the same condition, or better, than prior to the start of the work. If any portion of Town property or utilities are damaged the holder of the Right of Way permit will be held responsible for the necessary repairs. For Town of LaSalle restoration standards, please visit the Town of LaSalle Standard Drawings Page.



To apply for a Town of LaSalle Right-of-Way permit, please use the link below.

 Right of Way Permit Application


For questions about right of way permits, or assistance completing your application, please contact the Public Works Department at (519)-969-4143 between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.