The Town of LaSalle recognizes that flags are important to help increase public awareness of special events, significant dates, multi-cultural events, historical commemorations, and non-profit charitable organizations. 

In 2016, Town of LaSalle Council adopted a Flag Raising Policy and a corresponding process whereby organizations may request the raising or half-masting of flags at a designated Town of LaSalle facility such as the LaSalle Civic Centre, Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex, Front Road Park or Senator Paul Lucier Park.

Organizations that make a Request to Fly a Flag will meet the following criteria as per the Policy:

  • be a charity or non-profit organization that benefits the residents of the Town; and/or,
  • be an organization that has provincial or national significance; and/or,
  • endorses civic pride. 

The Town will not permit flags from political parties, religious affiliations, or national flags other than the Union Jack (national flag of the United Kingdom) at the Cenotaph Park. The Town further reserves the right to refuse requests from groups or organizations that have the potential to negatively reflect the Town's image for any of the following reasons, without limitation:

  • promotes any form of discrimination, including that based upon race, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation or age;
  • Degrades/slanders any individual, group, Town service, event or program;
  • Promotes unlawful behavior including violence or hate.


Flag Raising Policy M-GEN-004

Request to Fly a Flag Form