The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) processes and issues Liquor Licenses. There are two types of liquor licenses.  The first type is a new liquor licence for a permanent establishment such as a restaurant or retail store. The other type of licence is a Special Occasion Permit, which is for a special, one-time event.

In addition to licensing requirements set out by AGCO, the Town of LaSalle also has an Alcohol Risk Management Policy (pdf) which must be adhered to. Applicants are required to read the policy, directly contact each necessary department, and take the necessary steps to ensure compliance.

Applications for liquor licensing can be accessed through the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario's online portal. 

Municipal Information Form

Liquor licensing for a permanent establishment (such as a bar or restaurant) is granted by the AGCO. Application packages are available online.

The application includes a Municipal Information Form which must be filled out by the applicant and provided directly to the Town of LaSalle Clerk's Office:

Town of LaSalle
Clerk's Office
5950 Malden Road
LaSalle, Ontario
N9H 1S4

The Town of LaSalle Clerk's Office processing fee is $50.00, payable by cheque, cash, or debit. The Municipal Information Form is processed as follows:

  • The Clerk's Office receives the document and payment, Section 1 is completed by the applicant.
  • The Clerk's Office completes Section 2, including a signature from the appropriate Town Official
  • The application package also requires an agency letter of approval from local fire, building, and health departments. It must state that your premises meets the current standards or by-laws administered by that agency. The letter must be signed and dated by the appropriate Municipal Official. (Only Fire and Building Departments will be notified through the Clerks Department. The applicant must notify the Health Unit)
  • The completed Municipal Information Form is returned to the applicant for processing to the AGCO.

Special Occasion Permit

Special Occasion Permits are required for the sale and service of alcoholic beverages at special occasions such as weddings, charity fundraisers, and receptions. A Special Occasion Permit is needed any time alcohol is offered for sale or served anywhere other than in a licensed establishment or a private place (such as a private office or a residence). Special Occasion Permits are issued through Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) Special Occasion Permit service stores throughout the province on behalf of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

There are three types of special occasions for which a permit may be issued:

  • Private Event: For events where only invited guests will attend. These events cannot be advertised and there can be no intent to gain or profit from the sale of alcohol at the event.
  • Public Events: For events that are open to the public. Public events can be advertised and allow for fundraising/profit from the sale of alcohol.
  • Industry Promotional Events: For events held to promote a manufacturer's product(s) through sampling. There can be no intent to gain or profit from the sale of alcohol at the event.

Applicants Must Provide Notice to the Municipality for outdoor events.

The applicant's timelines for notifying local authorities are:

  • 30 days before the event takes place, if fewer than 5,000 people per day are expected to attend the event; or 
  • 60 days before the event takes place if 5,000 people or more per day are expected to attend the event.

Applicants are also required to apply for a Noise By-law Exemption (pdf) if amplified sound will occur during the outdoor event.

The Town of LaSalle Clerk's Office processing fee for a Special Occasion Permit is $50.00 payable by cheque, cash, or debit.

Temporary Liquor Licence Extension

The AGCO issues Temporary Extension of a Liquor Sales Licence (14 days or less)

Do you need to extend your licensed premises to adjacent areas for a special event?

Licensees holding a valid liquor sales licence may submit an application to temporarily extend the existing licensed areas to an adjacent area. The AGCO will consider applications for a period no longer than 14 days.

The application, including all supporting documentation, must be received by the AGCO 30 days in advance of the commencement of the event.

Letter of Non-Objection from the Municipal Clerk 

  • If the event is outdoors, the applicant must obtain a letter from the Municipal Clerk stating that there is "no objection" to the proposed extended licensed area
  • Please obtain this letter well in advance of the event, the Town of LaSalle requires a minimum of 30 days.

The Town of LaSalle Clerk's Office processing fee for the Letter of Non-Objection is $25.00, payable by cheque, cash or debit. 

The City Clerk's Office processes the letter of notification, as follows: 

  • Receives the letter of notification and sketch or plan of the proposed extended licensed area
  • The letter and sketch or plan is circulated to Fire, Police and Building for comment
  • The City Clerk's Office will contact you when the letter of non-objection is ready for pick-up

For more information on applying for a Liquor Licence, Special Occasion Permit, and Temporary Liquor Licence Extension, please contact the AGCO at:

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
90 Sheppard Ave E
Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario
M2N 0A4

Telephone: 1-416-326-8700
or toll free in Ontario: 1-800-522-2876
Fax: 1-416-326-5555
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