A municipality may issue a licence to eligible local charitable or religious organizations for lottery events where the prize is less than $50,000. There must be three components - a prize, a chance to win and a fee.

An organization must be non-profit or charitable and have been operating for at least one year. Eligibility and application requirements are explained below.

1st Step: Are you eligible to have a lottery licence?

To qualify for a lottery licence in the Province of Ontario, an organization must have a demonstrated charitable or religious mandate. Some of these mandates include:

  • Relieves Poverty
  • Advances Education
  • Advances Religion
  • Benefits the Community

Some examples of eligible organizations include, but are not limited to:

  • Minor Sports leagues (under 18 yrs. of age)
  • Service Clubs
  • Religious Organizations

All lottery proceeds must have a direct benefit to residents of Ontario.

Before getting a lottery licence, please fill out the Eligibility Application.

Eligibility Application to be submitted to the Lottery Licensing Clerk.

2nd Step: Lottery Licence Applications

Each organization is required to open up a Lottery Trust Account at their financial institution. A trust account ensures that all lottery proceeds are protected.

Lottery License Applications to be submitted to the Lottery Licensing Clerk.

3rd Step: Lottery Reports

Lottery Reports are to be submitted 30 days after the event or license period to the Lottery Licensing Clerk.

Questions: Please contact the Council Services Department at 519-969-7770 x 1234