A municipality may issue a licence to eligible local charitable or religious organizations for lottery events where the prize is less than $50,000. There must be three components - a prize, a chance to win and a fee.

An organization must be non-profit or charitable and have been operating for at least one year. Eligibility and application requirements are explained below.

 1st Step: Are you eligible to have a lottery licence?
To qualify for a lottery licence in the Province of Ontario, an organization must have a demonstrated charitable or religious mandate. Some of these mandates include:
  • Relieves Poverty
  • Advances Education
  • Advances Religion
  • Benefits the Community

Some examples of eligible organizations include, but are not limited to:

  • Minor Sports leagues (under 18 yrs. of age)
  • Service Clubs
  • Religious Organizations

All lottery proceeds must have a direct benefit to residents of Ontario.

Before getting a lottery licence, please fill out and submit an Eligibility Application Form.

 Eligibility Application

 Please submit your Eligibility Application along with the required supporting documentation to the Lottery Licencing Clerk at nsharp@lasalle.ca

 Questions: Please contact the Council Services Department at 519-969-7770 x 1234

 2nd Step: Lottery Licence Applications
Each organization is required to open up a Lottery Trust Account at their financial institution. A trust account ensures that all lottery proceeds are protected.

Lottery Licence Applications to be submitted to the Lottery Licencing Clerk.

 3rd Step: Lottery Reports

Lottery Reports are to be submitted 30 days after the event or licence period to the Lottery Licencing Clerk.

Questions: Please contact the Council Services Department at 519-969-7770 x 1234.