Thank you to all who voted in the 2022 Municipal and School Board Election!

The 2022 Municipal and School Board Election was held on October 24, 2022. Eligible electors in the Town of LaSalle cast their votes electronically beginning on October 14 at 10:00 am up until October 24 at 8:00 pm.

The Town thanks all those individuals who voted for their participation. Results can be found at the button below. 

2022 Election Results

Inaugural Meeting of Council

The Inaugural Meeting of Council will be held on November 22, 2022, at which point, the new Council will make their Declaration of Office and swear or affirm an Oath of Allegiance to His Majesty King Charles III. The Agenda for the Inaugural Meeting of Council will be published to the Council Calendar on Thursday, November 10. 

Post-Election Candidate Financial Statements 

In accordance with the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 section 88.25, candidates are required to submit a Financial Statement - Auditor's Report Candidate Form 4 by December 31 in the year of the election. Upon receipt of each candidate's Financial Statement, a scan of the original will be uploaded below for public perusal. 

Candidate Name (First Name, Last Name)OfficeFinancial Statement
Carrick, Mark


Financial Statement - Form 4
Di Tomasso, Frank

School Board Trustee

English Separate

Financial Statement - Form 4
LeClair, Ron

School Board Trustee

English Public

Financial Statement - Form 4
Lucier, David


Financial Statement - Form 4
Meloche, Crystal


Financial Statement - Form 4
O'Neil, Kevin Councillor Financial Statement - Form 4
Renaud, Jeff Councillor Financial Statement - Form 4

2018 Candidate Financial Statements

Visit our 2018 Candidate Financial Statements page to view statements from the 2018 election cycle

Election Compliance Audits - Campaign Finances

The Municipal Elections Act, 1996, s. 88.33(1) provides that an elector who is entitled to vote in the municipal election in Town of LaSalle and has reasonable grounds to believe that a candidate has contravened a provision of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 relating to election campaign finances may apply for a compliance audit of the candidate’s election campaign finances. Use the button below to submit an Application for a Compliance Audit.

Application for a Compliance Audit

2022 Municipal Election Statistics

Below, you will find select election-related statistics being provided for informational purposes only. Please note that some of the statistics have been pulled from our election provider (Scytl) and from our elector data management software (DataFix) and as such, they may not be accessible. If you require the statistics in an alternate format, please contact the Council Coordinator at 519-969-7770 ext. 1262. 

General Turnout Statistics
General Turnout Statistics
Poll Map
Poll Map - Town of LaSalle
Poll by Poll Results
Poll by Poll Results
Turnout by Age 


Age GroupTotal Number of Electors in Age GroupTotal Number of Voters that Voted by Age GroupTurnout by Percentage
18-19 505 107 21.18%
20-29 3202 566 17.67%
30-39 3632 631 17.37%
40-49 4218 1225 29.04%
50-59 4954 1684 33.99%
60-69 4413 1755 39.76%
70-79 2849 1287 45.17%
80-89 1269 436 34.35%
90-99 255 51 20.00%
100-102 13 1 7.69%
Turnout by Poll
Turnout by Poll 

2022 Municipal Election Webpages 

Use the links below to access our election-related webpages:

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