Marriage Licences - By Appointment Only

Use the button below to submit your Marriage Licence Application online before booking an appointment. Walk-ins are not accepted. Once you have submitted your application online, you will automatically receive an email from Council Services with a PDF copy of the Application and a button to our online appointment booking tool.  

Submit my Marriage Licence Application 

Civil Ceremony Services - By Appointment Only

The Town of LaSalle is offering civil ceremony services to all eligible couples on select Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays during regular office hours at the Civic Centre. The Town is happy to offer an accessible, online Civil Ceremony Application. If you plan to get married within three (3) months of submitting this Application, you should first begin by submitting a Marriage Licence Application using the button above. For more information on civil ceremonies, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Important Note on Civil Ceremony Date Offerings: Please note that the Town offers Civil Ceremonies on select Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays subject to staff availability. A maximum of one (1) Civil Ceremony is performed on those days. In completing the below Civil Ceremony Application, you will be able to select a "1st Choice Date" and "2nd Choice Date". Once staff reviews your application and determines date availability, your Ceremony date will be confirmed with you. Please note that ceremonies are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to inquire as to date availability, you may call the Council Coordinator at 519-969-7770 ext. 1262.

Submit a Civil Ceremony Application

Identification Requirements

2 pieces of valid and original government issued identification (ID) must be provided for each of the applicants. 

  • Identification must be valid and original (we will not accept photocopies, scanned images or pictures on electronic devices).

  • Identification must provide your legal name and date of birth.

  • Your first and last names must match on the two pieces of ID that are presenting.

  • To have your middle name(s) included on your Marriage Licence it must also appear on both pieces of ID.

  • ID on the list can be from any country, as long as it is government issued.

  • If the ID is not in English, a written translation from a certified translator is required.

  • Health cards and S.I.N. cards will not be accepted.

  • Expired identification will not be accepted.

Acceptable Identification

  • Birth Certificate

  • Passport

  • Driver’s Licence

  • Ontario Photo Card (Purple photo ID card)

  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship (Canadian Citizenship Card)

  • Canadian Government Refugee Travel Document

  • Conditional Release Identification Card

  • United States Green Card

  • Native Status Card

  • Record of Immigration Landing

  • Confirmation of Permanent Residency

  • Permanent Residency Card

  • Citizenship Card

  • Identity Card

  • NEXUS Card

  • Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC)

  • Possession & Acquisition Licence (PAL)

What to Bring to Your Appointment

Bring all of the following to your appointment:

  1. Completed Marriage Licence Application (Form 3) dated with original signatures (applications with scanned, photocopied or electronic signatures will not be accepted).
  2. 2 pieces of original and valid government issued ID for each person applying from the list of acceptable ID (see "Identification Requirements" above).
  3. Divorce documentation, if applicable (see "Remarry After a Divorce" accordions below).
  4. The $125.00 non-refundable fee payable by cash, debit or cheque made payable to "Town of LaSalle".


  • If you cannot read or understand English, you must bring someone to interpret for you.
  • This person must present their own identification.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

All Marriage Licences are issued from the Town of LaSalle Civic Centre, 5950 Malden Road.

  • It will take approximately 10 - 15 minutes to process your Application and issue your Marriage Licence.
  • Arrive at your scheduled appointment time. If you are late or come without the required documentation, your appointment may need to be rescheduled.
  • If you need to reschedule your appointment, call us at 519-969-7770 ext. 1262. 

Remarrying After a Divorce Granted in Canada 

You must submit official proof of the divorce when you apply for a Marriage Licence. This can be the original or a court-certified copy of a:

All documents will be returned. A certified copy of either of the above divorce documents may be obtained from the court office that granted the divorce.

A divorce certificate for a divorce granted in Windsor can be obtained at the Superior Court of Justice, 245 Windsor Avenue. For business hours call 519-973-6620.

If you do not know where your divorce was granted you can contact the Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings at 1-613-957-4519.

Remarrying After a Divorce Granted Outside of Canada (Foreign Divorce)

If you were divorced outside of Canada, you will need to obtain a Foreign Divorce Authorization from the Province of Ontario, Office of the Registrar General.

Marriage Office
P.O. Box 4600
189 Red River Road
Thunder Bay, ON  P7B 6L8


Please visit the ServiceOntario website for more information and a list of documents that will need to be sent to the above address.

Once you have received your Foreign Divorce Authorization from the Office of the Registrar General you can make an appointment for a Marriage Licence.

If you arrive for your appointment without a Foreign Divorce Authorization we cannot issue a Marriage Licence.

For more information, contact the Office of the Registrar General Marriage Office at 1-800-461-2156 (toll-free) or visit ServiceOntario.

General Information About Marriage Licences

  • A Marriage Licence is required to get married in Ontario (or the publication of banns from a church)
  • Marriage Licences are only valid for 90 days from date of issue.
  • The Marriage Licence is valid for use in Ontario only and can be used anywhere in the province
  • Anyone over the age of 16 years old can get married in Ontario. If you are under 18 years of age you will need consent from your parents or legal guardians. A parental consent form must be completed. Forms are available in our office. Your parents or legal guardians must also be present at the time you submit your Marriage Licence Application.
  • Everyone is welcome to apply for a Marriage Licence and get married in Ontario, whether you live here permanently or temporarily. There are no gender, residency, citizenship or medical requirements when applying for a Marriage Licence. The requirements are the same for everyone.

What to Do If You Have an Expired Marriage Licence

The Province has extended the expiry date of some Marriage Licences issued during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Please see the chart below to determine whether your Licence is still valid.  If based on the chart, your Licence is no longer valid, you will need to apply for a new one. 


Licence Issue DateExtendedMarriage Licence Valid Until
January 1, 2021 to June 4, 2021 Yes June 4, 2023
November 1, 2021 to February 24, 2022 Yes February 24, 2024

For more information visit ServiceOntario or call 416-325-8305 or 1-800-267-8097.

What Happens After the Marriage Ceremony?

Applying for a Marriage Certificate

After your marriage ceremony, you will receive a Record of Solemnization of Marriage. This is not the same as a Marriage Certificate as Marriage Certificates are not issued automatically. A Marriage Certificate is the official record containing the details of your marriage performed in Ontario. 

Before you can get a Marriage Certificate, your marriage needs to be registered. The officiant who performed the marriage will send your completed and signed Marriage Licence to ServiceOntario so the marriage can be registered. You can order a marriage certificate approximately 6-8 weeks after this happens.


Order a Marriage Certificate 


Assuming a New Last Name

Any person is allowed to assume the last name of their spouse after a marriage. 

There is no cost to assume your spouse’s last name as it relates to your Ontario-issued Driver's Licence, Health Card, Photo Card, and Enhanced Driver's Licence. When you assume a spouse’s last name after marriage, it does not change the name on your Ontario Birth Registration (and Birth Certificate). You should change all your identification documents to reflect the new last name.

To change your last name on these documents, visit a ServiceOntario centre with your:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Health Card with photo (if you do not have a photo health card, you must bring 3 original documents to prove that you are a Canadian citizen and Ontario resident)
  • Driver’s Licence, Enhanced Driver’s Licence or Ontario Photo Card

When updating your last name on documents issued by other organizations, contact each organization that you have an account with and ask what they require to make the change. Most organizations will ask you to show a copy of your marriage certificate.

Civil Ceremony Services

A civil ceremony is a simple, dignified and non-denominational marriage is conducted by the Clerk or their designate and lasts approximately 20 minutes. Due to the civil nature of the service, there cannot be any religious element to the ceremony.

A valid Marriage Licence (issued in Ontario) is required prior to the ceremony and must be provided to the officiant. If you do not have a Marriage Licence, use the button at the top of the page to submit a Marriage Licence application. Please keep in mind that Marriage Licences are only valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

When and Where Does the Town Offer Civil Ceremonies?

The Town of LaSalle offers civil ceremony services on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays on a first-come, first-served basis at the Town of LaSalle Civic Centre (5950 Malden Road) starting at 9:00 a.m. with the latest ceremony being performed at 3:30 p.m. Only one civil ceremony is performed a day and bookings are subject to availability. Civil Ceremony Applications are to be submitted a minimum of 7 days prior to the preferred ceremony date.

Couples have the option to get married in Council Chambers with up to 40 guests, in the Atrium in front of the living wall with up to 15 guests, or outdoors on the grounds of the Civic Centre with a reasonable amount of guests (weather permitting). 

Off-site civil ceremonies are not available.

How Much Does a Civil Ceremony Cost?

The non-refundable fee for a civil ceremony is $250.00 ($282.50 including HST). The fee is payable prior to the ceremony in order to secure your preferred date. 

Please note that the fee for a Marriage Licence (which is required for the civil ceremony) is $125.00 (including HST) and separate from the civil ceremony fee.

Does the Town of LaSalle Provide Witnesses?

Couples are required to have two (2) witnesses for their ceremony. The Town of LaSalle does not provide witnesses. 


If you and/or your significant other do not understand or read English, you must provide an interpreter for the ceremony and they must present valid government-issued identification prior to interpreting the ceremony. Please note that interpreters are not permitted to be witnesses.

How Do I Book a Civil Ceremony?

Scroll to the top of this page and click on the "Book a Civil Ceremony" button to fill out our online form. Before completing the form, be sure that you have your Marriage Licence and witness information readily available. Once you submit the Application, you will receive an auto-response email with a PDF copy of your ceremony details (Civil Ceremony Intake Form) and a PDF copy of your draft vows.

A member of Council Services will contact you within 24-48 business hours to schedule a Ceremony Details Review Appointment at which time you will review the ceremony details and draft vows with your officiant and pay for the ceremony.

Can I Re-schedule My Ceremony?

Changes to date and /or time are permitted at no additional charge, provided that the your new preferred date and/or time  and the officiant are available.