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Welcome to the Town of LaSalle's community engagement webpage. We want to hear from you. This is your opportunity to get involved and help shape our projects, policies and initiatives. Share your thoughts and opinions with us. Together we can make a difference in the community where we live, work and play.

The Town of LaSalle uses PlaceSpeak as our community engagement platform. This online consultation gives our community the opportunity to give us their ideas, thoughts and opinions about studies and projects. To participate, all you need to do is create a PlaceSpeak account. This account only needs to be created once, and then you will have access to all Town of LaSalle consultation projects, as well as any other projects that are posted to PlaceSpeak.

Three fire station graphic
Three Fire Station Model

Three fire stations in LaSalle means that we will improve levels of service over time to ensure we continue to meet standards. Council approved fire station locations include:

  • Existing fire station at 1900 Normandy St., - Headquarters
  • Former Centennial Arena site at 2170 Front Rd., - Substation 1
  • Laurier Parkway west of Disputed Rd. (site to be determined) - Substation 2
Front of Benoit House
Benoit House Museum

Perfectly set within the development of LaSalle’s Petite Côte (Small Coast) Waterfront project, Benoit House Museum will help add to the culture and overall attraction of the waterfront. It will function as a hub for community engagement and education in local heritage and cultural activities. Get involved and share your thoughts about the project, read through our project information and take part in a survey.

LaSalle 30 Years Logo
Celebrating 30 Years

LaSalle was incorporated as a town on June 1, 1991, and became one of the larger communities in Essex County. In 2021, LaSalle celebrates 30 years of being a town. We are sharing bits of LaSalle history. What can you share with us?

Map of storm water master plan area
LaSalle Detroit River Storm Sewer Outfalls Stormwater Master Plan

This will identify opportunities for potential infrastructure enhancements and improvements to protect public and private property from the effects of stormwater flooding while preserving the natural environment.

Concept map of waterfront
LaSalle Small Coast Waterfront Project

The waterfront will be a connected, multi-amenity environment that offers the community an expanded, year round destination. It will be an authentic site that captures the rich history and culture of LaSalle, showcasing our three cultures of English, French and Indigenous.

Concept map for a park surrounded by houses
St. Clair Park Improvement Project

In 2021, the Town of LaSalle is undertaking a project to improve and enhance the parkland located at St. Clair Park. The park is located between St. Clair Avenue and Betts Avenue, just off of Normandy Street.

Aerial photo of a road and houses
Malden Road Environmental Assessment Update 2019

The Town of LaSalle and the County of Essex are updating the 2009 Environmental Assessment (EA) for Malden Road from the north Town limits southerly to Meaghan Drive. This update will look at changes that occurred over the years since 2009 and make recommendations to accommodate existing and future traffic demands.