A Policy is defined as corporate direction that is formally adopted by Council resolution.  Enacting policies provides a framework for decision making ensuring consistency throughout the municipality. 

The supporting legislation for such policy development is the Municipal Act.  It specifically provides Council the authority to develop and evaluate the policies and programs of a municipality.          

The policies listed below are a comprehensive list of Council approved policies currently in place. 

Simply click on the policy name to download a copy of the complete policy.


Accessible Customer Service Standards
Accountability and Transparency
Active Transportation Facility Policy Statement and Plan of Action
Activity Registration and Admission
Affordable Recreation Policy

Block Party Requests

Car Washes Conducted at the Fire Station
Closing and Sale of Alleys
Code of Conduct for Chief Building Official and all Inspectors Appointed by the Town
Code of Conduct for Members of Council and Local Boards
Committee Governance
Council/Staff Relations
Council Conference, Training, and Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy
Customer Service Standards
DDepartmental Year End Surplus and Deficits
Development Charges Interest Policy
Dilapidated Culvert
FFacility Rentals - Event Hosting Policy
Facility Rentals - Ice Surface Use
Facility Rentals - Outdoor Sport Surface Use
Fee Waiving Policy
Fire Prevention Policy
Flag Raising
Fraud, Abuse and Whistleblower

Healthy Meetings
IInvestment Policy
LLaSalle Alerts Notification Policy
Long Service and Retiree Recognition
MMedia Relations
Memorial Program 
Municipal Alcohol Risk Management
Municipal Complaints
Municipal Digital Signs and Lobby Screens 
Municipal Drainage and Billing Collection Policy
Municipal Events - Vendor Selection and Attendance Policy
NNaming of Parks and Recreation Facilities
PParks Maintenance
Persons Riding on Fire Apparatus
Petition Policy
Pregnancy and Parental Leave for Members of Council
Procurement Policy
Public Notice
RRecords and Information Management
Respect and Responsibility (RZone) Policy
Routine Disclosure and Active Dissemination
SSale of Municipally Owned Property
Specialty Non-Traditional Crosswalk
Strategic Asset Management Policy
Street Naming
Traffic Calming
Travel and Transportation
Tree Planting Policy
Trees on Municipal Property Maintenance Policy
UUse of Corporate Resources for Election Purposes
Use of Social Media Policy

Video Surveillance - Municipal Properties
Virtual Recreation Programming and Online Safety
Visitor Sign-In/Out
Volunteer Recognition Draw

Water and Wastewater Billing and Collection