Standard Drawings
Typical Road Cross Section 20.0m R.O.W. - Local Road L-RD-01
Typical Road Cross Section 26.0m R.O.W. - Collector Road L-RD-02
Typical Road Cross Section 33.0m R.O.W. - Arterial Road L-RD-03
Typical Sidewalk Concrete Detail L-RD-04
Catch Basin Box-out Detail L-RD-05
Typical Driveway Approach - Driveway with Curb L-RD-06
Typical Driveway Approach - Driveway without Curb L-RD-07
Typical Street Tree Layout Detail L-RD-08
Driveway Standards Driveway
Landscape in the Right-of-way Landscape
Right of Way Restoration Standards Restoration

For any questions regarding Public Works Standards, please call the Public Works Department at 519-969-4143.