The Strategy and Engagement Department was newly introduced to the municipality in November 2021. The creation of the department is an expansion of the communication practices introduced over the last five years, as well as bringing the focus of these areas into one department rather than being handled on a part-time basis by a number of municipal staff in various departments. This department reports directly to the CAO and is responsible for strategic planning, engagement and communication, economic development and government affairs. 

Our Focus
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Strategic Planning

This department provides research and communication planning tools to the CAO and Council to carry out the town’s long-term vision, priorities, and plans.

Strategy and Engagement also works with all other Town departments to ensure communications are consistent and that investments are being made in areas that further Council adopted strategic goals.

At least once per term of Council, a full review of the Town’s Strategic Plan is completed in order to monitor and report on its successes and to make adjustments as needed.


Engagement and Communication

Planning, creating and delivering relatable content is important to the Town of LaSalle. We will deliver two-way internal and external communication that supports ongoing relationships with stakeholders throughout our community. This includes Town Council and Senior Leadership, Town staff, local businesses, residents, community members, volunteers, students, and youth leaders.

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Economic Development

The Strategy and Engagement department is responsible for the implementation of the LaSalle Economic Development Plan. This includes connecting, liaising and fostering relationships with the current and future business community.

This department also develops and carries out Business Recruitment and Tourism Strategies including branding, marketing and wayfinding, which includes exploring new ways to promote LaSalle, in partnership with area tourism and business partners.

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Government Affairs

Through building strong, positive relationships with senior levels of government, the Strategy and Engagement department will raise awareness of the Town’s strategic goals. This will be accomplished through communication about key programs and initiatives that align with provincial and federal priorities.